Why You Should Consider Joining Advanced Diploma In Cosmetology After Passing Class 10?

About Cosmetology Course

Cosmetology is the professional term for a beautician course. Cosmetology is the study and training of everything associated with beauty and makeup. It involves a wide range of services which people wish to take from professional beauticians and estheticians. Cosmetology courses are the epitome of anyone who wants to work in a parlor, salon, spa, makeup counter or etc.

A beautician course is a one-stop destination for all aspiring students to pursue their dreams in this field. Cosmetologists train in all kinds of services which people might need in parlors and salons. However, people can choose some specialties of their own as well. These special training make them eligible for becoming experts in their own department. For example, some beauticians are hair experts. They deal with everything associated with just hair services. Similarly, some would become trained experts in makeup and skincare or manicure and pedicure and etc.

Advanced diploma in cosmetology is no small deal. Having an advanced diploma increases your value in the job sector immensely. Most people just show up with some certification. But having an advanced diploma would increase your value in the market to a huge extent.

Why join a diploma in cosmetology after 10th class?

If you are someone who is career ambitious then it is never too soon to pursue your dreams. When it comes to the cosmetology field, it is never too soon to start. You can always begin your career with a head start. The beautician courses take students who have passed 10th standard.

Starting early would mean that you shall have great experience in working as compared to the other people. It would also mean that you will start learning earlier than others and that is a huge bonus.

The beauty and skincare industry in India is thrice than that in European nations. Since globalization and increased exposure to the internet and media; people have become more drawn to beauty services. In the past decade, there has been a booming rise in the number of parlors, spas, salons and makeup artists.

If you take up a beautician course or diploma in cosmetology then you will have a good-paying job right after 10th standard. No one can stop you from pursuing your dreams. Even if you look around the place you live in, you shall find that there are over twenty to thirty parlors just in that area or locality. Imagine how many job openings there actually are in this industry.

Where to Join

If you take up a beautician course from a good institute like The George Telegraph Training Institute then you will get 100% placement assistance right after completing your course. This means that you shall have full job support after completing your course.

A lot of diploma holders in cosmetology also work for skin clinics teach the same in institutes and sometimes work for celebrities. The pay is very high when you work for celebrities. Some of the top-notch skills taught in these courses is that of facials, spa, hair cut, hair styling and coloring, manicure and pedicure, makeup, waxing, threading, massages and etc.

It would be a very wise decision to take up a course in cosmetology and beautician right after finishing your tenth standard. Why delay when you know the calling of your career? Beauticians work in a recession-proof industry where their demand can never deplete. They shall always have great scope and opportunities no matter what happens. Hurry! Enroll now!

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