Why You Should Consider Joining a Course on BBA in Entrepreneurship in Kolkata?

India has become a youth country since a few years. As per current statistics, almost 60% of India’s huge population is within the age of 18 to 30 and the country would require more than 600 million jobs in the next few years to meet the demand for jobs for the youth.


It is time we transform our youth population into job providers rather than job seekers.

Technology has evolved much in the past few years and that has paved way to a million opportunities for young entrepreneurs. The same reason has led India to become the 3rd largest start-up hub in the world after United States and United Kingdom.

Now, there are millionaires and billionaires coming up at the age of 18 or 19 only. You may want to be one of them and dream to become an employer instead of an employee. However, lack of knowledge about business proposals, legal framework and industrial relations becomes a roadblock for aspiring entrepreneurs like you.


The solution to this problem is a degree program that will introduce you to the world of business, make you understand the processes and empower you with knowledge about how to start, implement and successfully execute a business plan.

A BBA in Entrepreneurship is an ideal way for this purpose.

There are very few such degree courses available in the B Schools in Kolkata. And one such impressive course can be found in iLEAD.


The highlights of a bachelors in entrepreneurship are as follows –

A Practice-Based Course – The course is based more on practical and hands-on experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. If you want to convert your ideas into a real business, the college will provide you with every possible assistance to do that.

Earn Proficiency after Every Semester –The course is designed in such a way that after each semester, students will earn proficiency in one part if business.

Case Studies and Road Maps – Each theoretical paper are clubbed with case studies that will provide a good road map to the students and make them understand the possible course of action for executing an idea. This also helps students to gain knowledge and understand the viability of a project.

Study from Industry Leaders – The course is taught not only by academicians but by industry professionals. People who are successful businessmen or entrepreneurs themselves will share their experiences and teach the students to get self-employed.

An Industry Oriented Curriculum – The curriculum is entirely industry-oriented as per the current global industry standards. The course will make a person ready for the real business world both nationally and internationally through this course.

This BBA in Entrepreneurship course in Kolkata would really empower you with all the knowledge required to begin your own startup. Right from the formalities to the execution of the business plan, the course is one of the best for the students who aspire to become gen-next entrepreneurs.

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