Why Online Coaching is Not Good?

Online coaching is a method of instruction where the course instructor and the learners need not be present in the same room. Both the parties have the option to attend the class remotely, that is to say, the teacher can record herself from any appropriate location while the students access them remotely. During the pandemic, the educational institutions halted operating physically and shifted to the digital format. Many reputed universities offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to make quality education accessible and affordable to a larger number of students irrespective of the background they hail from. The popularity of online coaching classes has grown massively and it is here to stay. While there are some major benefits of attending online classes yet there are a handful of significant disadvantages that we should keep in mind before becoming too ensnared by it. If you are a student of the West Bengal board there is good news for you as Tutopia learning app is the most popular e-learning platform that students are using right now.

Difficult to Concentrate

It is quite easy to lose your focus in the setting of an online coaching class. The various social media platforms and their incessant notifications are a potent source of distraction. In this age prevailed by digital media, we are surrounded by multiple forms of entertainment which also serves as a cause to lead the students off the track.

Lack of Social Skills

Unlike in the conventional in-person classroom which entailed a huge amount of cooperation and coordination among the students and their peers, online classes lead to a sense of isolation. As students have to be self-dependent and self-motivated, it leads to a sense of depression. They also do not get the chance of community building and work as a team.

Health Concerns

The impact of attending online coaching classes at a stretch does not bear positive results on the health of the students. Apart from deteriorating eyesight and adopting a bad posture, several other physical troubles arise. The mental well-being of the students also gets affected adversely.

Stable Internet Connectivity

One of the major issues that students have to face is that of not having a commendable internet connection. While a large population of students falls victim to the critical issue of the digital divide, there is no foreseeable remedy to that problem. Diverse students hail from similarly varying backgrounds and attending online coaching classes proves to be an extra burden for them.

Open Book Test

A serious concern that has arisen is that due to lack of proper supervision, students adopt using unfair means. In online examinations that are held there is a major chance that instead of preparing thoroughly from beforehand students would discuss with and cheat from one another. Even when there is no provision for that, they take the liberty to consult their study materials.

Limited Means of Instruction

Through the mode of an online coaching class, one thing that you miss out on is the practical aspect of the subjects taught. As you do not get to access the laboratory and practical project of the subjects especially Chemistry, Geography, and Physics among others, you gain an inadequate knowledge of the concerned topic.

Final Words

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