Which Subjects Should I Take in 12th to Become a VFX Artist?


As the world has come to be dominated by visual media, it has become extremely important to pursue a relevant course in animation and VFX. The application of animation has widened and is no longer limited to just the filmmaking industry. Animation is now being used in numerous industries ranging from academia to architecture. Apart from the well-known fields of movies and games, animation has widened its reach and potential. The demand for animators and VFX artists has increased manifold as new career opportunities are getting created. Often students find it difficult to make a correct decision concerning their careers. One of the most potent industries you as a student can consider joining after 12th is that of animation. The leading VFX training institute in Kolkata is Starblast Animation which equips the students with the latest tools and technology in the industry.

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Which Stream to Choose?

One of the absolute advantages of animation as a course is that you do not have to be specifically trained in a few special subjects to pursue a career in this industry. You can pursue any of the three available streams offered in higher secondary school and then decide to go forward with animation. The personality of the individual is a matter of priority while she chooses to become an animator. It is commonly believed that if you choose the Humanities stream, you would be better equipped to hone your creative skills. There are yet others who are of the opinion that you should possess knowledge of Physics and Mathematics to become a successful animator. While numerous debates are surrounding this topic exist, there is no definitive answer to this. Over and above all, you must have an artistically inclined mind along with immaculate creative skills. If creating new things and imagination is something you love to do, then you will definitely succeed as an innovative animator.

Why Animation?

Animation is the technique by which still images or paintings are made to appear as if moving by creating an illusion. We all have been entertained by the animated characters in cartoons we used to watch during our childhood. Animated films are something that is equally enjoyed by adults and kids, and the demand for animated movies has been on the rise for the past few decades. Gone are the days when 2D animation had the potential to please viewers. Extensive, detailed, and realistic 3D or three-dimensional animation has overtaken traditional animation which was used in the extremely popular cartoon, Tom and Jerry. 3D animation creates enhanced visual imagery that is more appealing to the audience and attracts a larger population of spectators.

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Why Starblast?

One of the leading animation institutions in Kolkata is Starblast Animation which provides comprehensive courses in this field. If you are interested in pursuing a VFX course after 12th, your first choice should be to opt for the courses offered by Starblast. This institute provides both long-term and short-term courses and has the latest technological infrastructure which would facilitate the candidates to remain equipped with the trendiest news and updates. Starblast has a team of expert faculty who has worked on some of the leading projects in this industry. Keeping in mind that the scope offered by the field of animation is vast, Starblast prepares the students to develop their practical skills while doing the course. This, in turn, facilitates them to be hired by any of the numerous companies making use of 2D and 3D animation.


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