In 2022 Which Subjects are Needed for Animation?

As we all grew up on animated cartoons and movies, it is only natural that some of us would be interested in trying out to create those exciting characters for ourselves.

While considering animation as a career option some of us would appear unconvinced and scandalized as it is not a conventional choice.

Since we are familiar with the concept of animation from our very childhood through cartoons, once we are faced with the option of making a choice of stream, we wonder which one would be the best to pursue a career in animation.

Which are The Best Institute for Animation Courses in Kolkata?

If you are searching for the top animation institute that offers the best animation courses in Kolkata, you ought to check out the website of Moople Institute of Animation and Design.

While the animation institutes do not require familiarity with definitive subjects from the candidates aspiring for animation, there are a certain set of skills preferable for them to possess.

You can opt for doing a course in animation regardless of the stream you have at the level of 10+2.

Read this blog to get to know which subjects would serve in your favour while it is your dream to make it big as a skilled animator.

What is Animation Classes ?

Animation is the process whereby images or paintings are made to appear as moving through the trick of the eye.

Earlier we used to have films and videos that were made in traditional or 2D animation classes. With the development of technology, 3D animation classes now presides over the entertainment industry.

From earlier Disney films like Pinocchio to the immensely popular Shrek and Frozen, all are notable examples of animated films.

What are the Subjects Preferred for a Animation Job in Kolkata?


You would be a very fortunate student if your school offers a course in animation in your class 12. Very few schools allow you to opt for this course but nothing could be more wonderful than attending an animation course even if it is offered as an optional. You will be taught rudimentary topics as part of this course but would help you a lot if your aim is to build a career in animation.


As animation is a kind of very sophisticated and superior form of art, having some knowledge in this area would benefit you.

Computer Science

As the majority of animation produced in this day and age is done on computers it would be helpful if you have a comprehensive knowledge of this subject.

Candidates entering this industry should have strong computer skills so that it is easy for them to pick up the advanced concepts easily.

Film Production

Although there are very few schools which offer this subject as part of a course yet you can also opt to do a relevant short or certificate course.

At the end of the day, the animation is about story-telling primarily through the means of powerful videos, it would put you in an advantageous position.

Video Game Development

One of the most important industries in which animation is used is that of video games.

While not all schools will offer you the option of a video game development course yet try to obtain a notion of the gaming industry as it will benefit you immensely.


English courses develop your reading, writing, and analysing skills as a result of which you tend to harbour literary skills which would prove to be a plus point in your creative animation career.

Creative Writing

The modules taught in a creative writing course help you to prepare for pursuing a course in animation.

As the creativity of the students gets nurtured they gain more confidence while writing or understanding a film script.


This is an important subject for aspiring animators as they need to be aware of the way in which the various body parts move and behave.

This would help them while drawing the characters or even rendering them digitally.


The history here does not specifically refer to the global history that is part of the course curriculums taught in schools.

The history of which you as an animator should be aware is that of animation, art, and its interconnected fields.


Perhaps the greatest advantage is that you can pursue animation courses even after pursuing any stream of your choice and not having any special training.

In this situation, what would help you the most is studying the relevant modules on your own during your leisure period.

 Why Choose Moople Animation Courses After 12Th?

The most popular and trustworthy academy offering the top 3d animation course in Kolkata is Moople Institute of Animation and Design.

As Moople provides job-guaranteed courses and employs state-of-the-art facilities while teaching, it has emerged as the first priority for those aspiring to land a job in the animation industry.

Moople would be the perfect place for animation enthusiasts to commence their career as it not only offers production-oriented courses but also equips them with industry-relevant skills.

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