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Instead of attending classes in a real-life physical classroom, online learning gives you the opportunity to attend classes in the online mode. In essence, the content delivery is the same although both parties i.e. students and teachers need a device and stable internet connection in order to be present in the classes. There are a host of advantages offered by online classes as it is remotely accessible and the students do not have to take the trouble to commute to the location where the tuition classes are being held. The students of the West Bengal board had to face enormous difficulty when the educational institutions were shut down due to the pandemic. Tutopia is a unique app that has been launched in order to facilitate the digital education of the students of WBBSE and WBCHSE. Let alone the issue of the digital divide, the Bengali-medium school students were also plagued by the problem of the language barrier. Precisely at this point, few benevolent leaders came up with the idea of developing a Bengali language learning app for the school students. Consequently, Tutopia learning app has garnered enormous popularity and is witnessing an ever-increasing demand. Read on this blog in order to know in detail why Tutopia is the best learning app and why you should definitely study online with this app.

Lively Audio-Visual Classes

Tutopia provides online coaching to students of the WB board whereby they are taught through the help of real-time and engaging AV classes. This not only helps the students to have a clear concept of the lessons taught but also makes sure that the content delivery is kept comprehensible considering the various levels from which the students hail.

Medium of Instruction

Tuttopia is a unique app that offers study material exclusively in the Bengali language. This is a great blessing for the students of the West Bengal board as they no longer have to spend time looking for an appropriate teacher who would teach them in Bengali. Unlike the leading apps where course content is delivered mostly in English and Hindi, Tutopia provides a welcome change.

Chapter-wise Notes

Tutopia provides chapter-wise notes on each chapter of all subjects. The concept which did not become clear to the students during the AV class can now be supplemented thanks to these notes which we can download and retain for future use. As the notes are available in PDF it is a huge benefit for the students.

Practice Session

Tutopia believes in the motto “practice makes perfect” and it is their aim to bring out the best version of the learners by holding practice sessions at regular intervals. As of now Tutopia provides coaching to students of classes 8, 9, 10, and 11 (Humanities, Commerce, and Science). It is an important factor that the students get to read in written format what they are taught about in the class.

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Added Flexibility and Self-paced Learning

After the pandemic-induced lockdown disrupted the normal flow of studies, the students are more inclined to study from the safety of their home at a time of their preference. Tutopia allows the students to access the course content at a suitable time of their choice and proceed with the course at a chosen pace of their own. As you can access the course whenever you like and for any number of times, Tutopia is the best learning app to excel in your studies.

Increased Communication

Long gone are the days when students had to wait for a long time to get in touch with the busy teachers. Owing to technological advancement, the popularity of social media apps has increased to the extent that they have become indispensable. Increased points of contact between students and instructors have led to instant doubt resolution and advanced problem solving of the doubts of the students.

Tutopia is the best education app providing online coaching classes to students of the West Bengal board. If you are a student of WBBSE and WBCHSE boards, you can definitely opt for enlisting the help of this app.

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