Which Colleges in India Provide Data Science Courses?

Did you ever wonder how the internet comes up with ads that match your previous searches?

How exactly an e-commerce site comes up with suggestions for you that match your interest?

Do you know how the Aarogya Setu app is able to tell you how many positive cases are there around you?

All this is possible due to data science. A data science degree course is probably one of the most lucrative academic courses in the present situation. From academics to research to e-commerce, health sector, defense, entertainment, agriculture – Data Science is the real fuel behind every force in the new and emerging technologically evolving world.

Why Data Science –

  • In terms of talent with regards to big data availability, India ranks 2nd in the world right after the United States of America.
  • By 2026, the requirement of data scientists will reach the figure of 11.6 million.
  • India will have 32% share in the data science market globally
  • Within the next one or two years, data science will be the most in-demand emerging role in the world.
  • 53% of the organizations right now feel that there is a shortage of data scientists in the market.
  • Even during the lockdown of 2020, the need for data and data scientists didn’t decrease.

Why A Data Science Degree Is Important?

Data science is an emerging field. At present, most of organizations are upskilling engineers to become data scientists. There is an acute shortage of skilled and academically trained data scientists in the market to recruit from. Hence, a degree in data science with proper exposure to the industry and as per current standards will be highly acknowledged in the job market.

Here are some of the colleges wherein you can study UG and PG data science degree courses across India.

  • Fergusson College

Fergusson College in Pune (Maharashtra), is one of the most reputed colleges in the state. With a huge campus, the college is situated on the designated FC Road.

Affiliated under the Savitribhai Phule University of Pune, Fergusson College conducts a post-graduate course on M.Sc in Data Science.

  • iLEAD

iLEAD or Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development in Kolkata (West Bengal) is situated in the heart of the city at the central location of Topsia. The college provides a UG data science degree course of B.Sc in Data Science. iLEAD is affiliated to the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT).

  • Loyola College

One of the most well-known and highly reputed colleges in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) is Loyola College. Loyola is an autonomous institution that offers students with a post-graduate degree of M.Sc in Data Science.

  • Chandigarh University

The Chandigarh University situated in the city of Chandigarh is well known for its plush and green campus. The college offers a UG degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (Hons) with specialization in Big Data and Analytics.

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