Which are the Popular Colleges for Culinary Courses in Kolkata

Culinary science is an evolving discipline which has taken a form of a serious profession. Culinary professionals are hired in hotels, restaurants and cafes all across the nation. They are among the most in-demand professionals to exist there.

Kolkata has a lot of colleges offering culinary courses in Kolkata. We will be listing down the popular colleges in this city where a lot of good culinary courses are available.

Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management (SBIHM)

Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management (SBIHM) is one of the leading colleges in Kolkata offering a degree in culinary sciences. This college has built a career comprehensive and modern-day degree for all students. If you are an aspirant chef or cuisine expert then this course is all you need.

SBIHM has an affiliation to MAKAUT (WBUT) which makes the degree even more valuable. The fee structure is also pretty affordable. It is not something which most people cannot afford. SBIHM has made education affordable, accessible and more advanced for the aspirants.

Indian School of Hospitality

Indian School of Hospitality stands to be one of the most sought after institutes offering A1 education in culinary sciences. This institute has not faltered at all in providing the most quality education to students. It has always maintained that the syllabus is ought to remain to the highest standards. The faculty is experienced and has the best knowledge in terms of culinary arts.

JBL Academy of Culinary Arts

JBL Academy of Culinary Arts has the best courses for culinary sciences for students. This institute provides authentic education when it comes to Culinary Arts. They promote excellent learning to their students and teach them how to master their pre-existing skills with new ones.

The institute does provide good placements and assures a stable career to the students as well.

If you want to know about admissions, fees or any other details associated with culinary sciences then feel free to reach out to us. We shall help you every step of the way.

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