Which Animation Institute Franchise Business is Profitable?

Think about launching a successful business of your own. The start-up expenses or the required preparation are not something you need to be concerned about. Franchise opportunities have primarily been accessible for a while. The process of purchasing a franchise firm will be extremely beneficial to everyone!

You gain from the safety and security that a reputable brand provides. You also have a variety of franchise business opportunities. Students are selecting cutting-edge and intriguing teaching strategies. Today’s students are opting to pursue careers in the multimedia industry, which has not only seen significant development. If you’re looking for the ideal and best franchise business opportunity, don’t disregard Moople Institute.

Why invest in Moople Institute of Animation and Design?

A business by the name of Moople Institute of Animtion and Design also runs a state-of-the-art production company by the name of Hi-Tech Animation, as well as a network of famous training centres across India. They are looking for partners to help them expand their business and their footprint. Moople is a low-investment franchise.

The ideal candidate for a Moople Institute franchise should be financially secure, possess a strong sense of initiative, and be motivated to work in the education industry.

After all, maintaining the calibre of education requires a commitment to follow the established standards, regulations, and procedures of the organisation.

As the low-investment franchise option for you, the Franchisee will manage all business activities pertaining to business expansion & franchises in education.

Core Benefits of Investing with Moople

  • Partnering with the leading animation school, Moople Institute of Animation and Design, has many advantages. Numerous multimedia courses designed for the workplace are offered by Moople.
  • The production-oriented courses ensure that candidates get real-world experience and industry-relevant skills.
  • Every applicant is proficient in both basic and advanced material, creating a well-rounded learner.
  • The seminars and grooming sessions offered to the students give them exposure to the industry while preparing them for the job.
  • Along with the rise in demand for visual media, there is also an increasing need for qualified animators, VFX artists, and graphic designers.


Animation is also one of the most successful franchise sectors in Kolkata.

Partners from franchises are cordially invited. You must be able to invest money starting at 20 lakhs in order to qualify for this education franchise, first and foremost.

The size of your carpet must be at least 1500 to 2000 square feet. The Moople brand value has helped our current franchisee partners succeed over the years. One of the rare animation programmes with a production facility on the premises is ours. In Eastern India, Moople Institute was the first institution of its sort. Hi-Tech Animation studio, Moople’s production company, has great brand value.

Above all else, this is currently among the top franchise enterprises.

We understand that you might have more queries and doubts. Feel free to reach out to us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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