What is the scope of hospital administration?

The present scenario makes it important to realise that in order for a hospital to function smoothly, it needs a strong backbone in the form of its administration. Therefore, a hospital administrator is extremely important when it comes to managing a hospital, make sure everything operates smoothly, enable the staffs and doctors practise effectively, while also making sure that the patients are comfortable and receive adequate support. Management institutes in Kolkata focus on practical skills that are extremely important for anyone who wants to work as a hospital administrator. 

What is Hospital Administration?

A master’s in hospital administration deals with managing healthcare establishments. The student will learn skills on how to manage healthcare sectors and deal with everyday functions and responsibilities, while also developing soft skills required when handling patients. A masters in hospital administration is typically for two years. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, preferably in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dental, or paramedical, students are eligible to pursue master’s in hospital administration. It might also benefit if the students have some practical experience working at hospitals or nursing homes, etc. Admission process includes the PG entrance exam, GD, and PI. 


Scope for a hospital administrator is broad. They can work at any healthcare facilities; hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, healthcare organisations, rehabilitation centres and more. The scope is better when the student comes from a medical background as it not only becomes easier for them to understand the needs and demands of a healthcare centre, but they are more likely to get hired as an administrator as well. They will also benefit from the specialised courses as they already have a background in the field. 

Career Options

A typical graduate of hospital administration can find themselves employed at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities as:

  • Medical Director: this deals with managing all the different kinds of tasks that goes on in a hospital. The director has the added responsibility to make sure patients do not face any obstruction in receiving treatment. They also have to maintain a strict code of medical ethics. 
  • Hospital Administrators: they have the job to make sure all the services that are provided by the hospital take place smoothly so that the patients do not have to suffer. They also have the responsibility to make sure that the staffs and doctors are able to practise their job without any issue. 
  • Healthcare Finance Managers: healthcare budgeting is extremely crucial when running a hospital. Financial planning, budgeting, and analysis becomes important on a regular basis so that the hospital is always updated and so that all the services can take place without any obstruction. 

These are some of the basic information regarding hospital management. For the students who are interested in working at healthcare facilities as administrators, they can check out some of the best hospital management college in Kolkata. SBHIM – School of Management in Kolkata is one of the highly reputed colleges to offer a course in hospital management.

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