What is the Qualification for VFX?

We keep getting stunned and fascinated by the mind-blowing visuals we see on-screen. It is equally important to familiarize ourselves with the technique. Some of us long to create the amazing superheroes that simply wow the world. In this age of digital advancement, it is crucial for us to know the technical aspect. It helps us to know the creation process and appreciate the product thus created. The leading VFX institute in Kolkata is Starblast Animation.

First off, you have to know what VFX stands for.

What is VFX?

Visual effects or VFX are the effects that are added to enhance or improve the image quality. VFX are digitally created and then added to the footage that has been shot on camera. VFX is used to create the impossible or fantastical worlds that we witness in ‘Avatar’ or ‘Godzilla vs. Kong.’

VFX aids filmmakers to manipulate and create imagery that does not exist in reality. VFX involves amalgam of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with real-life footage. This helps to grant a larger-than-life experience to the moviegoers.

While VFX artists are definitely in vogue, it is hard to master the requisite skills. If you are thinking of pursuing the best VFX course, you have to read this blog. We discuss in detail about the various aspects of VFX and the relevant courses.

What is the difference between SFX and VFX?

Most people confuse between these two terms. However, it is significant to know that they are not interchangeable.

SFX or special effects are created physically on the set. SFX involves effects like explosions, rainfall or snowfall, prosthetic makeup, and animatronics. VFX is created with the help of a computer and is later on added to the scene. SFX looks more convincing as it is created on-set whereas VFX tends to appear artificial. Nevertheless, VFX is generated entirely digitally and is surpassing the SFX.

What are the types of VFX?

The three popular types of VFX used in the entertainment and other industries are as follows –

  • CGI

CGI or Computer Generated Imagery refers to the VFX that is created digitally and used in films and TV. Although it might mean either 2D or 3D, it is generally referred to mean 3D VFX. This is used to create fantastical creatures or worlds like dragon or monster. But this can work in subtle ways as while making an actor look younger.

  • Compositing

This is also called ‘Chroma Keying’ and is used to combine elements from separate sources. Shooting is done with the help of ‘green screen’ or ‘blue screen’ which is later replaced with another element. An early form of compositing involved achieved this effect with matte painting.

  • Motion Capture

It refers to recording the movements of an actor digitally. These are then transferred to a 3D generated model. A common motion-capture method involves placing an actor in a motion-capture suit. This contains special markers that a camera can track. This data captured by the cameras is mapped onto a 3D skeleton model using software.

Where should I learn?

Starblast Animation is the popular institution offering the definitive VFX course in Kolkata. If your aim is to launch a fulfiling career in the industry of your choice, enrol in this one. Here you will not only learn industry-relevant skills but also get to launch a career.

The expert faculty comprises of industry leaders with adequate experience. The production-oriented courses help you to learn the software which makes you career-ready. Have a look at their website now to check out the courses offered by them. You can rely on this reputed institution to bag a satisfactory job you have always dreamt about.

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