What is the qualification for paramedical?

Health care facilities have become extremely important these days. It is not only medicine that is important to study, other important fields like paramedical is equally important and has plenty of scopes these days. By studying paramedics, a student will be able to test a patient’s blood samples, MRI and CT scans, and X-Ray and Ultrasound report. They assist doctors with patients who are injured or need immediate help.

Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy will take 4 years after which a six-month internship happens and students learn about the anatomy of the human body and how to take care of a physical disability. In this course the student will learn about the different types of therapy like manual therapy, application of electronic devices for some injuries and majorly therapeutic exercises. They can work as an independent physiotherapist, researcher, consultant, and osteopath.

BSc in OTT

This is a three years undergraduate course. Operation Theatre Technology where the students learn about how to assist the doctors in the operation theatre. They can be involved directly as well as indirectly; they can assist by preparing the operation theatre, preparing the anesthesia, instrument tables as well. Students with this degree can work at government and private hospitals and can also work in ICUs, Operation Theatres, emergency departments, and can even become technicians, OT consultants, assistants, and lab technicians.

BSc in Nursing

Nursing is an often-overlooked job aspect. However, nursing is a job which requires patience and dedication. It is a four-year course where the students will learn a lot on how to take care of a sick person. Students can find a job anywhere, from nursing homes to hospitals, in schools, orphanages, and community health care centres.

BSc in Medical Lab Technology 

These technicians have the responsibility of running clinical tests that need to be cured. They need to be skilled in running analytical tests and need to be attentive to details and be alert. They have to work alongside doctors who rely on their support.  Students can work as X-ray technicians, lab technicians, technical executives.

Diploma in Dental Hygienist

They have an important role in advising about oral healthcare and helps the dentist with scaling, local aesthetic. They learn about how to care for teeth and technics over a three-year course. They can work at private clinics, dental clinics, physical therapists and surgical technologist dentists.

There are many more such interesting courses available for students interested in paramedic studies. If you are interested in this, you should look up some of the best paramedical college in Kolkata.

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