What is the Best Data Analytics Institute with Placement Opportunity?

One of the best institutes for big data analytics training in Kolkata would be iLEAD. The college that has led the media and management arena to date has recently started both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in data analytics. The data science degree at iLEAD is conducted in association with industry partner Einfach Business Analytics Pvt. Ltd and is affiliated under MAKAUT.


One of the major advantages of the course is that it is taught not only by academicians but also by industry experts. Hence, if you are thinking about shifting from engineering to big data analytics training, stay assured that the chances of a high profile job and fast growth is more likely right now if you get a data science degree.

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Sounok Ghosh, Co-Founder, and Director of Einfach Business Analytics Pvt. Ltd. said, “The analytics market is going to be US dollar 203 billion by the next year and India will have 32 percent of the global share of this analytics market. The current demand of analytics professionals in India is about a lakh and this is going to increase and this demand-supply gap will double by the next financial year due to lack of skilled professionals in the field of analytics. To mitigate the gap in the field of analytics, we thought that this is the right time for us to bring in the right syllabus which is important in the current scheme of things. So we tied up with iLEAD and MAKAUT to devise a course which is actually been formulated by industry professionals as per the current demand of the industry. We train students with a university degree so that they are skilled properly. They understand the subject and they perform well in the job. For a B.Sc analytics program, we require students who have a strong interest in mathematics and statistics and somewhat interest in computers so that they can work on programming languages. On completing a course in analytics whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, one gets a career in many fields. Tech companies, government agencies, power distribution companies, consumer industry, service industry require analytics to find the right core in terms of making the right decision for the business.”

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Also as per the brochure of the course at iLEAD, students will get an ample number of opportunities to work on industry problems and projects during the course. This will enable them to understand the core requirements of the business and make them industry-ready. Furthermore, students will also get the opportunity to work on live projects during their final year.

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Some of the highlights of the course include Python, Data Authentication and Security, IoT, DBMS, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Visualisation Using Business Intelligence and much more.

Hence, if you are good in mathematics, statistics and computer, a data science degree will be ideal for you and your future career.

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