What is the average salary of a VFX artist?

VFX courses in India are becoming popular due to the tremendous job opportunities in the field today. VFX training in Kolkata can also be availed now as a degree course. If you are a VFX enthusiast, you can look for the best VFX institute in Kolkata and cal enroll in the same for a degree course under the university of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT)

India’s animation and VFX market is becoming bigger and bigger with every passing year. Not only are they required now for big-screen entertainment but also for web series, television and even the growing digital platforms. Starting from Netflix to BYJU’s, a VFX artist is required now everywhere.

Moreover, even the western projects are outsourcing their VFX work from India all thanks to the cheaper rates and the English speaking artists they get in India.

Here are some the career options and job profiles in the VFX field –

Layout Artist – A layout artist creates the visuals that eventually will shape up on the screen. From the script or storyboard, a layout artist prepares the basic foundation of the visuals by creating the templates. Everything from how a scene is to be transmitted to the angles of the camera, a layout artist is in charge of all that.

Lighting Artist – Lighting is important whether it is a live action or an animation production. Lighting artist is in charge understanding the behavior of light and translate the same in the on screen visual world.

Compositing Artist – Visual disturbances are caused if the VFX doesn’t merge smoothly with the rest if the background or elements on the screen. A compositing artist is in charge to ensure that everything on screen seamlessly gets mixed with the visual effects and the viewers get an enthralling visual experience while watching.

Rendering Artist – Rendering artists are high in demand in the job market. They are responsible for transferring the 3D models into the real world models that we see on screen. A highly technical and detailed job it is which requires skill and dedication.

Roto Artist – Roto artists begin their work from where the computer generated graphics meet the real world. They in fact provide the foundation to the compositors from where they start their work. Roto artists are also quite in demand in today’s time.

Matte Painter – Let’s say you have a visual reference. It can be anything ranging from a drawing or sketch or a photograph. A matte painter uses that reference to create the exact visual experience on screen.

Match Mover Artist – A match mover artist work with the confluence of both the worlds of 2D and 3D. Integration of CGA and live action seamlessly on screen also is the responsibility of the match mover artist.

As a fresher, a VFX artist can earn any amount ranging from 15,000 to 20,000. As you gain experience, within 5 years you can earn an amount of Rs 80,000 a month.

Hence, if you want to start working as a VFX artist, you must first enroll into one of the VFX courses from any of the best VFX institute in Kolkata.

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