What is an ITI course? Is it a school?

What are ITI courses?

ITI is the abbreviation for Industrial Training Institutes. These institutes are known for providing skill-based and trade based knowledge of various subjects. Students right after completing schooling or even 10th standard are eligible to enroll for these courses and get jobs later on. The whole focus of an industrial training institute is based on helping students get jobs by the end of their course period. These are very career-centric institutes.

The best example for such an institute in Kolkata would be The George Telegraph Training Institute, also popularly known as GTTI. GTTI is one of the leading institutes in this city which has been helping students from all across the state of West Bengal gain employment with minimum qualification for over a century now.

ITI course in Kolkata

An ITI course in Kolkata is ought to help you attain a lot of scopes. These courses are designed in such a manner that you will end up with good-paying jobs by the end of them. They harvest the sectors where manual workers and IT professionals are needed. Just after completing some minimum schooling, you become eligible to take up these courses. You also get a diploma certification by the end of it. The name of GTTI is very well renowned. Since it is such a well-known organization, your diploma from this place holds a lot of value and scope.

You shall be able to make the best out of your career after finishing your education here. GTTI has also been known for years for providing 100% placement assistance to all students. Therefore, it is guaranteed that if you work hard and pass with decent marks, you will be assisted with a job right after the completion of your training. It is an advantage which you should not let pass. If you have been looking for a government institute then also that is a great initiative for your career.

Then there are also many. In the next segment, we shall list down the departments from which you can choose to pick a field in which you might want to get a certification or diploma.

ITI courses in GTTI

Here is a list of the various courses which are offered at GTTI for students who are seeking ITI training:

You can check out their complete details on the GTTI’s website itself. Within these departments also, there are a number of different departments and fields. You can pick any of them you like based on your qualifications and eligibility. However, we understand that it can become a little intimidating for students to know the field or subject that is best for them.

Therefore, GTTI has enabled free of cost counseling sessions for all students. Any student can attain a free counseling session here. They can avail free counseling from the education experts in this institute. All you really need to do is reach out to us. Our experts will assist and guide you further.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

GTTI is a strong and adamant believer in empowering students with ITI skills so that they can contribute to the industry. Being a part of this lucrative and career-driven industry will only help you build your career towards a better future.


We hope the above-detailed description has helped you gain a complete idea of what ITI stands for and how it is one of the flag bearers of modern industries. With ITI courses students are really able to manifest their skills and get job-ready at the earliest. It is a living and breathing example of how much potential is available in the market. There are so many different industries. Only if you have the right guidance, can you use your skills to make the best of them.

All the best!

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