What has More Scope: BCA or BBA?

Honestly, it is slightly unfair to compare two courses. Each course has an individualistic value of its own. Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) are two completely different courses.

These courses have a curriculum of its own with great in depth value for its academic scope. The scope of BCA and BBA are equally high end. If you wish to know the scope of these fields, it would be better to understand the differences about both these degrees first.

What do you learn in these courses?

BBA course in Kolkata


BCA is all about the study of computer applications and its usage in various work sectors. BCA helps you get a good grip over the different topics which are included in this course. In addition to that, you also learn how to master the different software as well.

BBA, on the other hand is about learning regarding the business administration. The primary reason why so many people take up BBA is for the sole reason that there is incredible amount of scope in this field. There is no shortage of employment scope for students who wish to build a good career for themselves.

BCA course in Kolkata


BBA teaches a lot of specialties like finance, business, HR, marketing, economics and etc.

Although the subject matter is completely different, the scope is really not that far. The job level growth has been really great in both these cases.

A BBA course in Kolkata is ought to help you become a talented professional with incredible amount of prospects for your future. Simultaneously, a BCA course in Kolkata would also help you to enhance your skills and get a high paying job by the end of it.

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