What Do You Study in Automotive Engineering?

Automobile Engineering is a course which is an extended branch of mechanical engineering itself. However, the great usage of automotive industry has made it a successful branch in itself. You shall find that it has transformed into a gigantic industry within its capacities.

automotive industry
An automobile is also called automotive engineering and it is a whole industry in itself. The branch exclusively deals with vehicles, automotives and various other aspects of the same. Automotive engineering has transformed as one of the biggest courses which students find career oriented.

This course has the capability to get you a great paying job for your career.

What do you study in this course?

The subject matter is highly diverse in automotive engineering courses. It also depends upon the kind of course which you select for your training. One also gets to study the different dimensions which are a major part of the entire curriculum.

automotive engineering courses

Some of the major things are:

• Mechanics of the vehicles
• Sales and Marketing
• Workshop Science
• Auto Theory
• Engineering Drawing
• Auto Transmission theory
• Workshop Technology
• Diesel Theory
• Auto Electricity
• Industrial Engineering
• Motor Vehicle Act and etc.

automotive engineering

These are just some of the major things which one gets to learn in this field. However, there are a lot of other things which one can also learn provided they opt for different training.

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