What are The Top Duties of Hotel Manager?

It is the responsibility of hotel management to manage personnel and to plan, advertise, organize and manage hotel services, such as catering and lodging facilities. Individual responsibilities and the extent of customer or employee interaction are aught well in a hotel management institute in Kolkata.

They vary depending on the scale of the employer: in larger companies, hotel managers may often be office-based, but in smaller businesses, managers may have frequent contact with both clients and employees.

Core Requirements
  • Supervising workers, including receptionists, kitchen staff, and administrative staff.
  • To further strengthen customer experience, track employee performance and conduct daily reviews.
  • Collect receipts and hold schedules, reserves, and expense records.
  • Welcome visitors and log in until they arrive.
  • Resolve hotel facilities, amenities, and regulations problems.
  • Organize operations and delegate workers’ tasks to guarantee efficiency.
  • Establish and incorporate a marketing approach to advertise the facilities and amenities of the hotel.
  • Coordinate, including vendors, travel agents, and meeting managers, with external parties.
  • Review the efficiency of hotels to ensure compliance with laws for health and safety.
  • Participation of financial operations, such as setting room rates, setting budgets, and allocating departmental funds.
Branding and Management

In recent years, online hotel reviews have been gaining popularity. It is not easy to ignore the influence of feedback and the social media chatter that ensues.

More than 40 % of hotel reviews are published every single minute, figures show. An analysis reveals that blogs displaying legitimate feedback are up to twice more commonly crawled. The ratings of nearby family and associates put trust in a staggering 93 % of travelers. And for this reason, a seasoned hotel manager knows that online identity management and branding must be prioritized above all other activities.

Being efficient at all times

In hotel management, efficiency and endurance is the core key. You would also require exceptional ability in numerical, verbal and written correspondence.

For finance-related and office-based positions, numeracy is especially critical, whereas good communication skills and customer support are crucial for positions involving customer interaction. International language experience can be an asset.

Expectations for work duties
  • Although some of the job is office-based, a lot of the time would be spent with clients and employees.
  • In small hotels, motels, guesthouses and private clubs, nearly 25 % of hotel operators are self-employed.
  • Hotel management demands complete dedication, with unpredictable, unsocial hours and relentless stresses, as the job is intensive and exhausting.
  • When on service, executives must dress smartly and must be diplomatic, polite and patient at all times.
  • Additional benefits can include pension and life insurance plans, private hospitals, communal plans, live-in housing, meals on service, wardrobe allocation or uniform provision, a versatile working schedule, and a globally subsidized hotel.

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