What are the Job Prospects for Electronics and Communication Engineers?

electronics & communication engineering
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Electronics and Communication Engineering is an independent branch of engineering. It is the discipline which is very much straightforward with its actions. It does literally what it claims to do. This field studies the integration of electronics and various communication elements together. It is a collaborative field of engineering which is all about teaching students about the use of modern-day electronics and how it impacts communication.

If you want to sum up the 21st century in three words, then this degree is all anyone needs to know. Electronics and communication engineering has thrived as one of the most enrolled into degrees over the past few years. It has successfully done that by making sure that the IT sector becomes the largest recruiter for the same.

Job prospects after electrical engineering courses

• Over 35% increase in job vacancies just last year itself.

• Job vacancies in IT firms, E-commerce, Financial institutions, Repairing and manufacturing lines of work.

• Electrical engineers are among the highest recruited professionals in the Indian IT sector.

• A good institute will offer 100% placement assistance among the best companies.

After completion of your electrical engineering courses, you will get to choose from a wide range of employment opportunities. These shall ensure that students always have plenty of options for choosing their desired path of employment.

Electrical engineers mostly work in companies which manufacture and supply electrical appliances, services and other repairing jobs. When you add the communication part in your diploma; your job field expands to big MNCs and firms like e-commerce, e-learning and etc.

The employment opportunities are gigantic. The number of job prospects has expanded from being 22% in the last five years to 35% in the last year alone. There is no way in which people will ever run out of employment opportunities working in this field.

Having said that, it is also necessary to understand that the IT sector in India is booming at an unprecedented rate. It is making dramatic shifts and moving mountains.

The job prospects for Indians are taking a great expansion with each passing day.

So, if you were even slightly worried about pursuing this field for your higher studies then don’t be.

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