What are the Differences Between Animation & VFX?

Animation and VFX are the most notable aspects of the entertainment industry. Both these industries have become the highlight point for job seekers in India. The evolution of media and entertainment has created an incredible scope for students who are willing to create a career in media and entertainment.

Being in the same field of post-production, both of these fields often get confused. Animation and visual effects courses are among the most sought after training courses out there. Both of them are different in their own regards.
Let’s try to understand each one of these fields one by one.

What do we learn in an animation course?

An animation course surrounds everything related to motion pictures. Students get to master the various different software which are used in creating animated characters and scenes.

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The modules range from understanding the beginning, evolution and everything else about animation. The animation is the craft of creativity. You have to learn how to channel your creative ideas into actual characters on screen. That is where professionals come in play.

Within animation itself, there are so many fields of specialization to choose from. Students can select one of their choices and then make it their career.

Scope of animation

Some of the core aspects of animation are:

• Storyboarding
• 3D animation
• Digital animation
• Modeling
• Rendering
• Lighting
• Character Designing and etc.

A VFX and animation course carries all the different modules which students have to master in order to get a grip of this course.

Now let’s see how is VFX is a different discipline altogether.

What do we learn in VFX course?

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VFX or visual effects is a whole different discipline in itself. It is a very comprehensive course. Visual effects is the use of artificial images to manipulate a scene. In this course, you would learn about the techniques and tools which help in creating artificial imageries.

With this course, you would be able to manipulate any scene. In that way, you would be able to add anything in a scene. That is the beauty of VFX. It has made all genres of film making possible for us.


Literally and film or TV show you can think of uses a certain amount of visual effects incorporated in it. It is the best way to get the best out of any imagination. VFX and animation courses are the best option which students have if they wish to build a career within this field.


Now that you know the usage and importance of both these fields, there is a good chance that you will not be confusing both of them anytime soon. Understand the difference and make your pick wisely.

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It might be tough to know which course is meant for you and which one isn’t. The best way to do that would be by talking to a professional education counselor at an animation institute itself. We would suggest that you select Hi-Tech Animation for this. It really is the most profound institute for the same.

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