What are the Career Prospects for Fashion Designer in India?

Fashion designing has become the talk of the town in India. It has evolved as the central business surrounding the world of media, entertainment and show business. Fashion has evolved to be more than just what celebrities are wearing. It is the new thing which everyone is talking about in their everyday wear as well.

The industry of fashion has become more relevant now than it was ever. Joining a fashion technology institute in Kolkata is going to give you the most prospective career opportunities going forth in your life.

Owning a brand/label

You can own a brand or label of your own. A lot of people after completing fashion designing start their own clothing brand instead of going to work for someone else. The best fashion designing institute in Kolkata is going to teach you how to run a business and own your own brand with style and perfection.

Owning a brand is joy and pride in itself. It would help you find your own sense of style and authenticity in branding.

Work for a brand label

You can also start working for a brand label. There are so many successful designers across the world for which you can work. Working for these brand labels would help you fulfill your dream of designing clothes for a living.

There are so many different brands, designers and famous people for whom you can work.

Career prospects further
  • There are over 5.4 million new jobs in India itself every quarter.
  • The number of employment opportunities has been taking a steady growth over the past decade because of the large number of opportunities surrounding it.
  • 10,000 people are getting hired in a fashion almost every single week you can say.
  • You get a chance to collaborate with international brands too.

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