What are some online sites to study for students of classes 7 to 10?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the traditional method of teaching redundant. With schools choosing to conduct regular classes digitally, everyone’s looking for the most compatible online site for pupils of classes 7 to 10 all over West Bengal. Luckily, the Tutopia learning app touted as the best learning app for class 10, has come to the rescue. Nowadays, merely completing the syllabus has taken the proportion of an insurmountable hurdle for students of classes 7 to 10. This thoroughgoing app makes learning and comprehending easy and effective.


How can Tutopia learning app help students of classes 7 to 10?

Modern-day learners enjoy the process of learning only when they find it relevant and engrossing. Tutopia learning app is an integrated e-learning platform that fulfills this requirement of the students. This 10th class online study app is specially designed for Bengali medium students. The special features of this app are as follows:

  •     Updated syllabus: A team of experienced educators has taken care to update the WB board syllabus for students of classes 7 to 10.
  •     Unique video classes: Tutopia learning app is a pioneering tutorial app in Bangla. The high-quality and lucid video classes conducted by professional teachers make all the chapters of each subject easy to understand.
  •     Detailed notes: Tutopia learning app provides chapter-wise notes as per the current WB board curriculum. The downloadable notes assist each student to properly understand each and every topic of each chapter. The thorough analysis of respective chapters proves invaluable for pupils of classes 7 to 10.
  •     Practice session: Tutopia learning app provides students studying in classes 7 to 10 with detailed practice sessions in Multiple Choice Questions format on all the chapters. Every correct answer is provided with a detailed explanation.
  •     Preparatory tests: Special time-based preparatory tests in MCQ format are regularly conducted by the Tutopia learning app. These tests enable students to self-analyze their learning and banish their fear of exams.
  •     Specially designed video content: Each video session by the Tutopia learning app has dual layers. The basic layer consists of the actual chapter, while the next layer addresses the complexities of the subject. The explanation is so subtle that the students don’t need to struggle with the difficult areas.


What makes the Tutopia learning app good for me?

There are myriads of reasons that make Tutopia learning app the best choice for any student studying in classes 7 to 10. Namely,

  •     The Tutopia learning app is affordable for all and sundry. This Bangla app has made world-class digital education available in every household of West Bengal.
  •     The tutorial content of each subject is so interesting that any average Bengali medium student will find it interesting and will easily overcome their fear of any subject.
  •     Tutopia learning app contributes to the holistic development of each of the students.
  •     The chapter-wise video tutorials, detailed notes, regular practice lessons and test facilities on all the subjects prescribed by the WB board prove to be immensely helpful for any teen studying in classes 7 to 10.
  •     The renowned and erudite teachers have joined hands with Tutopia learning app to employ unique educational techniques to impart high-quality education.
  •     The use of various multimedia modes, 3D graphics and audiovisual tutorials in Tutopia learning app make online learning more engaging.

To conclude, the unique and updated methodology and robust technology make Tutopia learning app an outstanding online study app for 7th to 10th grade students.


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