What are examples of vocational training?

    Vocational Courses in Kolkata

    Vocational programs are available in a variety of disciplines, including health care, creative fields such as engineering fields, culinary technology, and grooming.

    Vocational courses in skilled industries such as automobile repair, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning are also available. These courses are intended to provide application-based learning in which theoretical components are not addressed individually.

    Students who have completed the tenth grade can now pursue short and long-term courses such as diplomas. There are several courses from which students can select. Vocational courses have become more diverse, giving students with a broader range of options.

    Various institutes provide vocational courses.

    Vocational Training courses are meant for those students who are passionate about their careers and jobs. These are skill-based courses where students get to train in specific subjects and then end up in jobs in the same field.

    Vocational Training Institute

    The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) is one of the leading vocational training institutes in West Bengal. GTTI has been providing career-based vocational courses for decades now. For over 100 years, this institute has been providing vocational training to its students.

    The institute has a wide and vivid range of vocational courses which are going to work wonders for the careers of students. Vocational courses would include:

    • Automobile Engineering
    • Beauty and Wellness
    • Mobile Repairing
    • Computer Repairing
    • Paramedics
    • DMLT
    • HVAC- this will include repairing of Air conditioners and Refrigerators
    • Electric Engineering
    • Professional Retail and etc

    There are tons of other courses to choose from for students in this field.

    If you are looking for vocational courses in Kolkata then this is the place to choose.

    The increasing scope of Vocational Training

    We live in a world where skill-based jobs are the most in-demand. They are the pillars of most sectors and industries. The requisite for vocational training diploma holders are great.

    Vocational education courses are not limited to students in high school or college. It can also be provided as ‘on-the-job training.’ However, if students are kept up to date on practical knowledge, there will be no need for training in their later years of employment. Because it is job-oriented training, it is critical to our economy. Vocational training aids in the efficient distribution of manpower in the country.

    Unemployment, on the other hand, is a state in which a qualified and competent individual is unable to find work owing to a lack of job possibilities. The issue of unemployment broadens the scope of vocational education.

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