What are Differences Between Animation and VFX?

People often enquiring about animation institutes tend to confuse the various different animation and VFX courses within this lieu. These are both extremely different disciplines altogether. Although, used in film making animation and VFX are individual crafts and are performed by professionals who major in either one of the following.

  • The animation is motion graphics and utilized the movement of pictures and graphics. Visual effects or VFX on the other hand is artificial imagery. It creates false images and scenes on the screen which cannot be shot with a raw camera lens.

Suppose you see an alien invasion or an actor flying as a superhero; those are things which cannot be done without Visual effects. To incorporate VFX, actors have to shoot in front of the green screen. The green screen is later edited with the desired videos and graphics the director wants.

Animation creates moving graphics of cartoons, characters, scenarios and even for product advertisements. Any last ad you saw was made possible because of animators.

  • The software technique used by VFX artists is called chroma keying. On the other hand, animators have to use equipment and computer software together to create their animated creations.

It is also true that animators and VFX artists often work together on various projects. Most films where there is quality action, sci-fi or period drama; it has to be done with a great amount of visual effects. However, in a lot of anecdotes, the use of animation is required too.

  • 2D and 3D animators do not have to learn VFX and vice versa. These are separate skills and you can find separate courses for both of them. You do not have to rely on either one of them to learn more.

There is an ample amount of scope in both the fields where you have the opportunity to succeed.

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