What are 3 types of graphic design?

Graphics designers are a different breed. When faced with challenges they take up their stylus and graphics tablet. They go about troubleshooting with their creative thinking, strategic use of color, imagery, visual compositions, spacing etc. This ever-evolving industry requires designers to be adaptable to constant change. Pursuing a graphic design course from Hi-Tech Animation is a great way to prepare for a bright career in this field. An aspiring graphics designer needs an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of design and techniques for various mediums. They must also be familiar with different types of graphic design software.


What are 3 types of graphic design?

Graphic design is way more than just an immaculate website or extraordinary business cards. The carefully crafted graphic designing courses from Hi-Tech Animation, the leading animation institute in Eastern India, enhance the proficiency and expertise of each of the students. Graphic designers who pursue a graphic design course in Kolkata can take a concept and substantiate it in various mediums (print, digital). There are various types of graphic design. Each of these specialized fields requires specific skill set and design techniques. The three most common types of graphic design are mentioned below:

  1. Logo design and visual identity –

Graphic designers who specialize in logo design are adept at designing innovative visual identities for both new and existing organizations; brands etc. These professionals carefully listen to their clients and develop their brand identity by means of shapes, fonts, colours, designs, patterns, images etc. The logos are crucial to the brand identity of the business. The designers who specialize in this field also create a range of assets like logos, business cards, letterhead, ads, colour palettes and typography. These experts have in-depth knowledge of all of the contemporary software used in logo designing.

  1. Layout and print design –

The graphic designers who deal with layout and print design are trained to strike a perfect balance between text and graphics. These experts create designs for magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters and much more. They take care to create designs that are both pleasing to the eye and readable. The precise placement of images and choosing the right kind of font and typeface are of immense importance for layout and print graphic designers. In order to become successful in this field the layout and print graphic designers are required to be familiar with the printing processes and production.

  1. Digital design –

Digital design comprises a wide range of designs, images etc. that are created or produced specifically to be viewed on a digital screen. This may include a variety of designs from UI (user interface) common in websites, games, apps etc. to 3D modeling. The digital designers deal with the visual elements in a digital medium. The size, colour, placement of buttons etc. are handled by digital designers. Digital designers may be required to coordinate and work with UI developers who write the code to enable programs to work seamlessly.


To conclude, the graphic design course from Hi-Tech Animation offers candidates an opportunity to bag lucrative job positions in the aforementioned fields. With the global audience spending more and more time glued to their screens, the scope of graphic design is all set to expand in the near future.


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