WB Secondary Education Madhyamik Exam 2022 Preparation Tips


The first and foremost decisive exam in the life of a WBBSE student is that of the class 10 board exam or the Madhyamik examination as it is called. Performing well in this standard is crucial as it is the first public exam that a student appears for. Up until this class, students had to appear for examinations that were administered by the school authorities. Madhyamik is the stepping stone in the career of a student of the WBBSE board and care has to be taken that students understand the gravity of the exam and prepare accordingly. The dates for Madhyamik 2022 have been announced and students are in a state of anticipation as well as anxiety. If students are feeling that their exam preparation is inadequate, they can take the help of an online learning app like Tutopia to be in a better position concerning appearing in the examination. Although the scare of the pandemic is still looming and the world is yet to return to normalcy, the aspirants of Madhyamik 2022 have to take extra care to not let down the level of their exam preparation. Here are some tips for students to help their preparation for their first major exam.

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Learning Apps like Tutopia

In order to ensure that the students of the WBBSE are not disrupted by the raging of a pandemic, Tutopia started with the noble mission to provide WBBSE online classes. The greatest advantage of this digital learning platform is that the medium of instruction is Bengali. Consequently, the students from the Bengali-medium schools do not have to face the issue of a language barrier. The students are not required to hunt all over the town for a suitable teacher as Tutopia brings the entire experienced faculty to one place. The aspirants do not have to waste time or money by commuting to the location where the classes are being held. Students can access the classes at a time slot of their choice and from any location.

Prepare a Schedule

If you want to learn the concepts properly, take note to go through your lessons again and again. Instead of being disorderly or unorganised, you can prepare a suitable timetable to demarcate the slots of study and separate it from other activities. Taking up any book and starting to study from any chapter is not the way to proceed. Preparing a study schedule from beforehand would give you a concise idea of which modules to study on which day while also making the optimum use of your time.

Follow a Healthy Diet

It is important that you do not upset your stomach or health in any way while preparing for your Madhyamik examination. You need to stay hearty and healthy on the day of your exam as well as the days leading to it. A healthy body would give you a healthy mind which in turn will allow you to focus on your studies. It is a priority to take care of your health otherwise your preparation might be adversely affected by some disease or sickness. Have a balanced diet with fruits and green vegetables to ensure that you are in the primal position both mentally and physically.

Get Adequate Sleep

The food for your mind is sleep and a good 8 hours of sleep would assure that you retain the concepts that you learn for a longer period. A sound sleep would ensure that the mind stays calm, concentrated, and focused. While you are taking the first big step of appearing for Madyamik, you must be at your productive best. It has been scientifically proved that a night of good sleep gives you a better memory and better mood.

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The sole important tip to perform incredibly well in your exam is to go through practice sessions and attend as many revision lessons as possible. Just going through the lines of the textbooks or notebooks will not help you to score well. You have to revise and go through the lessons again and again to have an immaculate idea of the topics. If you think you are somewhat lacking in your preparation, you can easily rely on the online Bengali tutor, Tutopia to fill in the gap. The most important step would be to adhere to the prescribed syllabus. Over and above all, approach the exams with a positive mindset and a confident approach to come out with flying colours.

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