Top Traits of a Hospitality Professional

When we walk into a hotel or resort, the first thing we notice is how warm and friendly the receptionists and the staff working there are. This is one of the first impressions we get of the hotel, and it’s a make or break moment. How the atmosphere of the place feels depends a lot on how welcoming and helpful the staff is. Therefore, it must be clear that a hospitality-professionals have to possess some specific skill set to work in hotels or resorts. Let’s check out some of the top traits of hospitality professionals.

Communication Skills

This one goes without saying and has to be the top trait. Being a professional in the hospitality business means you will have to interact and deal with hundreds of people on a regular basis. Whether it’s the customers or the staff or business partners. Not only are you supposed to talk in a professional and formal, yet friendly manner with the customers, you also need to be a good listener. You need to pay attention to the needs of customers and staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. On top of that, body language matters too. If you come across as cold and stern, it is probably not good for business. You should possess a calm and amicable persona.

Teamwork and leadership

When working at a hotel, the team is extremely important. Therefore, how you manage your team will dictate how your hotel runs. You should be able to command leadership in your team but not in a way that makes them feel overpowered. Remember, you are as good as your team. You must make them feel their contributions are valued, or they would feel demotivated. Further, you should be able to steer your team in a direction that is beneficial for the hotel and the job.


Hospitality life can be very abrupt. You will have to stay alert at all times and must be able to deal with unpleasant situations every once in a while. Again, your team will depend on you for further instructions, which means sometimes you will have to come up with solutions. Also, one of the toughest parts of the job is the schedule. Some days will be busier than usual, and you will have to stay at work for much longer than usual. But you have to be flexible with your schedule because you cannot leave work until everything is taken care of.


A basic yet extremely important trait. When met with problems and stress, you will feel dejected. However, this is exactly why you need to be dedicated to the job. It’s a demanding and stressful job, you have to be on your feet constantly, you have to listen to your customers, but you cannot be irresponsible or neglect your duties. It is important that you are open to facing challenging situations.

This might make you feel that hospitality management is not for everyone. While it is true to some extent, you can still learn and acquire these skills. If you want to pursue hospitality management in Kolkata after your 12th exams, you should definitely check out some of the top institutions. You should not be scared of the field just because it seems like it’s cut out for some people. Hospitality institutes teach and train you the above-mentioned skills, making you eligible to find jobs.

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