Top Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Animation & VFX Institute in Kolkata

Animation and VFX are courses which have gained a lot of momentum in the last couple of years. These have emerged as degrees which have great relevance in the market. B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia is among the most sought after degrees which students can choose in order to further their career for the greater good.

Animation and VFX colleges are very much in demand these days as well.

Why Study B.Sc in Animation?

Studying B.Sc in Animation would get you a legitimized degree in animation which shall assure you that you would be getting a guaranteed certification from a university.

B.Sc in Animation
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Getting a B.Sc in Animation from MAKAUT would be a golden opportunity for your career. Studying B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia has helped millions of students build their career.

There are millions of new jobs for students each year. Production studios and media houses are always recruiting talented animators and VFX artists.

Top institute for B.Sc in Animation

Hi-Tech Animation is the leading premium institution imparting education in animation and VFX. This institute is among the most prestigious institutions where you shall find full-on live studio exposure. This is one of the golden features which students in other institutes cannot find. The Hi-Tech’s studio produces content for numerous regional, national and international channels. In fact, the best students of the class get directly absorbed to work in their in-house studio itself.

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The rest of the students are provided with calls and interviews until and unless properly placed.

The course curriculum is also of the highest level which is completely industry oriented. The contemporary syllabus is highly career-centric. Taught by actual industry professionals who have real-life experience of working in production studios.

B.Sc Animation
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Choosing Hi-Tech Animation would be the best decision you can take to build a career in animation and VFX.

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