Top 5 evil characters in animated movies

It is the protagonist who always takes away the crown. Well, the evil characters in animation films are the ones who make the film worth watching. Their deception and priceless expressions really steal the show. Animated evil characters have really made a place for themselves in the world of animation.

Let’s talk about the 5 evil characters in animated films who we can never forget.

Scar- The Lion King

The Lion King is timeless film. It has been loved by people of three generations now. As much as we love Simbaa and Mufasa, no one can forget the awesome expressions and character presence of Scar.

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Scar’s facial expressions really added a huge weight to the story. The character was flawed and had layers. The animators who worked on that film really portrayed a complex animation genius with that character. To this day, animation institutes in Kolkata teach students how master the character movement of Scar.

Jafar- Aladdin

Jafar is a classic example of how the villains in animated films are really majestic. You do not get to see evil characters in real life films to be this dramatic. The added drama of animation really makes this film stand out in its very own way.

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Jafar’s costume design and animated body was a masterpiece in itself.

Captain Hook- Peter Pan

Before Pirates of the Caribbean became a thing, all that we loved was watching Captain Hook on Peter Pan. That was the sea pirate everyone was fond of. The classic pirate design, Captain Hook is still the epitome of what we think of as a pirate.

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A lot of dupes are made with this character. His legendary hook arm and hat became the symbol of how pirates would get represented in animated films and shows. Other cartoons like Tom and Jerry and small animation shorts have taken inspiration from that design.

Maleficent- Maleficent

Maleficent was both the protagonist and antagonist in her film. However, she was mostly portrayed as evil until and unless the climax hit. The film was great in engaging audiences of all ages.

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The animation was noticeable amazing and breathtaking. A lot of animation training courses in Kolkata discuss about the complex technique of animating a protagonist and antagonist at the same time because of this film.

Shere Khan- The Jungle Book

I believe Shere Khan was one of the first introductions we had towards negative characters from Jungle Book. It was one of the first animated films to come on television. The love for Shere Khan’s pure evil and deceptive nature made him even more interesting.

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The film is decades old but still the animation somehow catches the eye of the audience each time.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any characters in your mind which you think are notice worthy.

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