Top 5 Culinary Institutes in Kolkata

culinary institutes in Kolkata

Culinary Science is the field which educates students about the functioning of the culinary aspects of food and its other dimensions. It is one of the most lucrative options you have in the educational realm nowadays.

As a result of this great demand, the number of culinary institutes in Kolkata have also emerged.

Let us help you list the top 5 culinary schools in Kolkata.


SBIHM has been one of the most notable institutes in providing education in culinary science. It has stood out among the various other institutes as the most authentic one.


SBIHM is one of a kind institute with absolutely high grade professionalism. There are no doubts to the fact that, if you study here you will have a good professional life for yourself henceforth.


NSHM Knowledge Campus is one of the most renowned institutes where you can find the most profound culinary science college. This college has stood as the major institution where there has been an upsurge in the number of placement vacancies.


Being a relatively new institution, it has outdone its own expectations.

J.D. Birla Institute

J.D. Birla Institute is affiliated to Jadavpur University and has a great reputation. This institute offers the most comprehensive course in culinary science. It is a great institution where you would be able to learn the greatness of this course and explore all its scope.

J.D. Birla Institute

It is a great college for learning all things related to culinary science. The placemen scope which you get along with this degree is also marvelous.

iLead College

iLead College is among the finest institutes in Kolkata where culinary science is taught. The education here is of top grade. You would realize the education parameter can match no other.


iLead College is undoubtedly among the top colleges for imparting quality education in culinary sciences.

Kingston Educational Institute

Kingston is a great college offering international level exposure to its students. It has been always a topic of discussion among the aspiring students who are fond of the culinary sciences.

Kingston Educational Institute

It has a bunch of different culinary courses to choose from. You can choose the one you want as per your personal preferences.

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