Top 5 Advancements in Automotive Technology to Watch

The field of automotive technology is suddenly gaining all the eyes. Be it Elon Musk’s new Tesla update or a Maruti new model announcement; the buzz is equally strange. There are a lot of advancements which we should be keeping an eye out for in the automotive technology space.

In this article we would be discussing the various advancements which one should be observant about. They are still on the path to development would definitely tend to get better with time.

More Electrical Cars

Electrics cars are something that is relatively new. They have existed or decade and more but heir ownership is not that widespread. People are still a little skeptical about buying them. In India, the major problem surrounds around the availability of electrical charge stations.

Since there aren’t enough charging stations, it is important to understand that electric cars are still trying to find their way into the Indian market. However, with larger investments being made we can expect a surge in the number of these charging stations and also the cars as a result of the same.

Greater Engine Backup

The largest innovation which cars are seeing nowadays is regarding engine capacity and backup. These engines have made it possible for car owners to have greater speed, mileage and longevity with their cars.

We should be seeing more advanced and innovative car engines in the future years. The engine backup is sure to improve in the coming years.

Seating would be expanded

Seating was probably the least talked about element in cars. In recent times we see that automobile manufacturers are stressing a lot on the development of seating. The seats are becoming way better than before.

Automobile manufacturing companies are also trying to incorporate bigger accommodation, seat warmers and also more capacity in affordable cars. This has helped them sell more pieces over the years.

Cost efficiency

The luxury stature of cars has been dropped by the automotive industry. Sure there are luxury cars but then there are also affordable ones. Then there are plans which make buying a car possible over EMIs and loans too.

The cost-efficient factor has made it an available factor among the masses. More and more people are able to afford cars because of their great ranges available to the people.

Smart AI Factors

Calling any kind of automobile the epitome of AI would be very farfetched. It is, therefore, we understand that there are certain smart AI factors which largely influence the working of cars.

It can be seen in smart features like Google Map sync, airbags, and check engine light and in some cars auto drive. In the years to come, we can expect better workings of these features.

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