The Placement Facilities of Fashion Designing Course at iLEAD College

iLEAD has introduced one of the most unique and sustainable fashion designing courses in association with the design school, ESEDS, in Kolkata.

The course is a first of its kind international design course from UK to India. The association with ESEDS is also a plus point as it is among the top 58 designer schools in the world with academic partners in London.  It is co-founded by Neil Robinson, from UK, Manchestor and works on Indo-UK collaboration projects.

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ESEDS iLEAD, one of the leading fashion designing colleges in Kolkata, hashad eminent guest lecturers are from Paris, Berlin, Australia, London, Bangladesh and France.

The institute also had a research project on peace silk at Berlin and a session on Global Communication with the British High Commissioner.

 Related imageThe milestones that the institute achieved 

The first batch started off in the academic year of 2017-18. And in a span of such a short time ESEDS iLEAD has been able to deliver successful and flourishing designers to the world.

With international exposure, proper honing of skills and opportunities, some of the students are now working in Europe, some are showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week and some have started their own label. One of them is also showcasing in London.

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Related imageThe High Points of the Curriculum –

• Trust and team work. The curriculum seeks to teach students to create an individual style but work in a team. It motivates them to dream big and achieve it.

• The module follows the policy of ‘By the designers, for the designers and with the designers’.

• ESEDS iLEAD’s B.Sc Fashion Designing course aims to create designers who would be responsible towards sourcing, production, labour rights. They would be aware about how the garment industry is harming nature and how not to indulge in cheap fast fashion. They would learn to carry forth the responsibility towards maintaining sustainability in the world of fashion.

• The internationally recognized course also provides prospect to students to visit UK for a design course of 2 weeks at the University of Creative Arts (United Kingdom).

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• The degree course is also in-depth research oriented.

• It provides opportunities to students for industry visits and also interact with experts.
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• After the course, if the students want to start their own startup, guidance and mentorship for startup funding is also available from the college.

Future Opportunities in fashion designing

The degree course of B.Sc fashion designing aims to prepare students in a way that they will remain relevant and much in demand even 5 years from now.

The course keeps the future demand in mind and is designed in a way to keep the students up to date as well as future ready.

carrier opportunity

Some of the career options you may have after completing the course are –

• Consultant
• Own Label
• Assistant Designer
• Fashion Designer
• Store Owner
• Fashion Photographer
• Blogger
• Curator
• Tutor
• Lecturer
• Researcher
• Textile Designer
• Graphic Designer
• Image Consultant
• Stylist
• Costume Designer
• Art Director and many more.


✌️ ✌️ Students Feedback: ✌️ ✌️

Students can later also enroll for PhD in design if they wish to after post-graduation.
So if you are by any chance an aspiring designer, iLEAD would be your ideal destination to hone your skills as a sustainable designer of the future.

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