The Impact of COVID-19 on Travel and Tourism in India

Indian travel and tourism industry has really taken a big shift over the past few months. Earlier, it has thrived as one of the biggest industries in India. The travel and tourism business comprises a large share of our Indian economy.

It is one of the biggest harbingers of economy boosters in India. Indians have had developed a knack for traveling and exploring the various places in and across the nation. This was going really well up until COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

Impact of COVID-19 on the travel business

With continuously extending lockdowns and norms of social distancing, it has become quite evident that COVID-19 has taken the biggest toll on the travel and tourism business. This business has been greatly impacted in all forms.

Even tourism management institutes in Kolkata are not able to give on-field education to its students. Other than the lockdown restrictions, there is another big factor which is hampering the travel industry.

It is the social distancing rules and regulations. The social distancing rules and regulations have been a solid blowback on this industry. Since a lot of people are not allowed to gather, it has become almost impossible or the masses to collect and even go on trips.

The travel and tourism agencies, consulting companies and even transportation services are largely impacted. This has been a major setback on their finances and also the economy. The people employed in this industry are also suffering to a great extent.

Additionally, you shall also find that this drastic impact has been reduced over the past few weeks since the lockdown has been eased. However, that has not been stable either. Even now travel agencies are suffering because the lockdown rules keep on getting implemented at irregular times.

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