The Art and Visual Effects of Call of Duty

In an episode of the popular Netflix show ‘Patriot Act‘ Hasan Minhaj dedicated one whole episode in making people understand the size and magnanimity of the gaming industry. It is a multibillion-dollar global industry which can overtake any aspect of the entertainment business.

Gaming accounts for the biggest production budgets and highest sales on this planet as of now.

Call of Duty is one of the most played PC games in the history of mankind. Not only is it popular among people as a PC game but also as an online game which is played in competitions.

Call of Duty: Visual Effects

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Infinity Ward, a relatively new studio established in 2002 and initially made up of 21 employees, produced Call of Duty. Many of the developers were project lead developers of other popular games released the same year. Production started in April 2002, headed by Chief Creative Officer Vince Zampella, and the team expanded by May 2003 to 27 members.

Infinity Ward set out to create a new World War II-era video game using an updated version of the id Tech 3 game engine created for Quake III Arena and an in-house skeletal VFX and animation system named “Ares” which, unlike many of its rivals, put more focus on team play during massive battles with intelligent support from buddies.

Some of the best VFX institutes in Kolkata, to this day discuss the iconic VFX elements of this game in their syllabus. Over the last 18 years, the visual effects of Call of Duty have improved to a point that it creates anticipation among the people weeks before releasing.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in making Call of Duty

Their artificial intelligence (AI) path finding portion called “Conduit” was another thing the field development team worked on. In the squad-based feature of the single-player games, the ability to eliminate the opponent with cover fire and visible obstacles, such as fences and windows, was highly incorporated.

The AI in the game was intended to lift from one cover point to another to ambush the enemy, bank explosives, and move. In order to help build a new experience, each time levels are replayed. Lead CGI Director Michael Boon clarified that acts that would typically have been programmed in past games were transferred to a dynamic AI world.

VFX of Call of Duty: Over the Years

There have been four main series in the Call of Duty franchise.

  • World War II games
  • Modern Warfare series
  • Black Ops story arc
  • Standalone installment

Each of the first three installments has had several game series of their own. Whether it is the four WW2 games or six warfare games, there have been multiple releases under the same category. The whole point is that the visual effects of the Call of Duty games have significantly changed over the years. Especially, in the last six to seven years the designing and VFX team have outdone themselves.

The collaboration between the animation and VFX team is very clearly noticeable once you start recognizing the improved graphics and animation of characters. Whether it is the combat mode or even the basic lens; everything has a realistic element about it.

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