Techniques and Skill You will Learn Under VFX Course

A VFX course is a perfect way to embody the professional skills of visual effects and their implementation on the screens. Only when you know and understand their significance, then only you can move forth to create original art.

Visual effects are a staple in all kinds of media created. Whether it is films, TV shows ads or any other kind of infomercial; you shall find that the use of visual effects is constant.

If you are eyeing to join the best VFX institute in Kolkata then let us tell you about the skills which you shall be learning about VFX within this training period.

Green Screen and Its importance

VFX course in kolkata

Green and blue screens are used while shooting. These colored screens are put in places which have to be later edited by VFX artists. The use of green screen is pretty common and a lot of people know about it. Having said that, its actual valuation is seen in post production.

A VFX course is ought to teach you to manipulate the green screen further into the imagery which we actually see on screen. A course will tell you how to work around various tools and software which are further used to eradicate the green screen.

Chroma Key

starblast animation

One of the most important elements of VFX is chroma key. It is the technique which replaces the green screen with the desired graphic or video. Suppose you want the audience to see space ship. So, for that you have to edit the green screen portion accordingly keeping the actor intact at the position they are.

Chroma keying is a very important technique in achieving VFX perfection. In fact, it is the only way you can start to manipulate the work of screen magic.

Starblast Institute is one of the leading colleges offering a top notch VFX course. Their course is taught by professionals. The course is highly industry oriented and involves a lot of career specific modules.

To know all the details about the training like VFX course fees in Kolkata, admission, syllabus and other details, reach out to us. We can arrange a free counseling session for you.

Wishing you good luck for all your future endeavours.

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