What is the syllabus of hotel management?

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Hotel Management
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Indeed, in today’s age of globalization, the hospitality industry is gaining more prominence and is increasingly evolving into a lucrative job provider.  Today, the Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management requires instruction in different areas of the business of the hotel industry, the travel and tourism associated industry and the household and catering field in the hospitality sector which also includes customer care executives.

SBIHM School of Management offers one of the most prestigious and esteemed hotel management course in Kolkata. The degree in hotel & hospitality management is built to encourage students to develop all the expertise, skills and insights required to successfully handle the supervision and management obligations of the hotel business.

Syllabus taught at SBIHM School of Management

The management course in Kolkata focuses on the implementation of management concepts in the field of hospitality. It requires not only research but also hands-on practice in the various practical fields of Hospitality Management, such as Food Processing, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Activities and House Cleaning.

Our best hotel & hospitality management college in Kolkata also offers useful information on sales and marketing, financial management, human resources management, hotel and catering law, property management, business development, computers, with a particular emphasis on tourism studies.

A candidate looking to pursue a career in hotel management should have a good organizational experience, outstanding leadership skills and interpersonal skills. One must be an outgoing person who is also friendly, gracious and pleasant to the visitors, and also have the patience to deal with the guest’s feedback even though one thinks that they are correct.

For detailed information on the degree, you will need assistance from an education counsellor. Good for you that these counselling sessions are for free at SBIHM School of Management.

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