What Subjects Will You Learn at a Hotel Management Institute?

Hotel Management Training is largely about learning how to be managers who are in-charge of hospitality. These professionals are in-charge of the various activities which take place in a hotel. Everyone is supposed to report to them for various tasks. They are among the top most professionals who work in any hotel.

However, a hotel management course in Kolkata would be teaching you a bunch of different subjects. Now, it is upto the students which one they pursue for their higher education finally. That really helps them put their career in perspective.

Subjects you learn at Hotel Management

Here are the different subjects one can learn in their course period:

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  • Chef/Head Chef

A very prominent career option for which students enroll is chef. Chefs are the top cooks who work in hotels and restaurants to prepare food. They are extremely well paid. Some of the most common places where they can work are hotels, restaurants, cafes, cuisine specialty areas and etc. People who are passionate about food, cooking and cuisines, in general, go for this field in the blink of an eye. Even if you did not know much about this career; there is an ample amount of scope to learn and grow.

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  • General Manager

General Managers are the top most heads of any hotel or hospitality establishment. They work in both the public and private sector. General Managers have to look after all the various departments which exist in a hotel. They have to ensure that the entire hotel is running smoothly. Accounts, lodging, staff, recruitment, hiring, room service and etc have to be taken care of by the general manager only.  Most students aspire to go for this profession only.

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  • Human Resources

HR (Human Resources) teaches students all managerial and coordination skills. HR is also a very sought after profession. Everyone looks upto the HR for any help and in times of any crises.

hotel management course in kolkata

  • Sales and Marketing

As the name suggests, hotel management in Kolkata teaches students how to be experts in sales and marketing skills. You would learn how to learn promotions and various sales techniques.

Sales is a very promising career field for the youth these days. They can make great progress going ahead.

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