Scope Of Getting A Good Job In Automobile Engineering In Kolkata

Automobile engineering in Kolkata

Automobile engineering has left the old norms of just maintaining vehicles and repairing them. It is a much vivid industry now. Automobile engineering jobs in Kolkata are spiking the rate of employment. It has become a driving force in bringing more jobs in the city. We all know that the IT sector of Kolkata has shown a drastic evolution over the past decade. It has become more vibrant in the last three to four years. As technology keeps taking bigger leaps, we are going to find a larger number of companies setting up their hubs here.

Kolkata also has showrooms for some high-end cars and two-wheelers. It is a very well developed metro city in terms of all the tech-related fields. There is an abundance of scope lying around for talented people. Bengal’s business expansion policies have played out very well to make investments in this sector too.

As a diploma holder in automobile engineering, you will not face any troubles for a good paying job or a decent career. There are hundreds of vacancies opening up every now and then. As more international companies start outsourcing work in India, we will continue to have this abundance of job opportunities.

Prospect of automobile engineering

The numbers of automobile engineering colleges have increased significantly too. There is no doubt that the quality of education and scope has vastly increased. Now when you complete a course in this field the plethora of opportunities which will be available to you are uncountable. It is no longer limited to just being a repairing technician. However, the industry of repairing vehicles is better than ever. With the increased standard of living the number of vehicles people buy; the repair and servicing business is booming. There are ample opportunities there.

Other than just the regular core jobs in IT one can work freelance, as a consultant or even in government companies. There so many vehicle companies which hire talented professionals all the time for various departments. Again the scope is not limited to any one portfolio of job. You can do what you want as long as you are dedicated and good at the same.

Automobile Engineering Specializations

Here are some of the specializations which one can choose while selecting their training. It does not necessarily have to be a generic course. Since you are choosing a subject so special and career oriented you might as well weigh in your options.

  • Motor Vehicle Technician
  • TVS Automobile Technician
  • Mechanic
  • Automobile Sales & Marketing
  • Bosch Electronics & Electrical Technician
  • Automobile Service Technician (2 & 3 wheeler)

An estimate of the three-fold rise was calculated past year in the increment of job vacancies. By the end of 2019, it is estimated to triple. This is the golden period for all aspiring engineers. No other time is going to be better than now. If you have the willingness to reach for excellence you shall get the same. The prospect continues to extend beyond just technical jobs. One can become a teacher, lecturer, researcher, freelancer, government officer, vehicle designer and etc. Then starting your own servicing centre or repair shop is also a very good idea. See, there are so many prospects which can stem out from just completing one course.

In conclusion, there are multiple options to select from and settle your career. Kolkata has become a pioneering city in the prosperous nature of this field. You shall have full liberty to follow your dreams and make some credible contribution to the expansion of the industry itself.

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