Placement Facilities You Can Get from the Best B School in Kolkata

BBA or a degree of Bachelor in Business Administration can be of great advantage for students if done from the right college.

There are numerous B schools in Kolkata, but every college does not provide you with the kind of curriculum that can be termed as the best BBA course in Kolkata.

One college that can serve you the best BBA course in Kolkata is iLEAD. Among the best BBA college in Kolkata, iLEAD is the only one to give you a complete course for the development of the students.

The major advantages of a BBA course from iLEAD are –

• The course is a practice based degree program. Whatever you learn in theory you get to apply it fully in practical projects.

• You get to specialize in a lot of subjects as per your choice. Apart from the finance, HR or marketing specializations in a regular BBA, iLEAD also provides you with BBA in Entrepreneurship and BBA in Real Estate Management.

• Along with the course, you will also get to study a foreign language course, a personality development course and a professional course on Event Management, Photography or Digital Marketing as per your preference. These are completely free of cost advantages provided by the college to every student who enroll into iLEAD.

• The college has collaborations with 16+ universities. This opens avenues of student exchange programs and allows the students to explore and understand the work ethics, standards and culture in abroad too.

• iLEAD also provides great internship and placement opportunities to students. Some of the companies where the students got placed merely after BBA are British Council, Standard Chartered, Tata Steel, Axis Bank, Parle, The Park Hotels, PWC among others.

• Live projects and field trips add up to the excellence of the course.

• In addition, students also get opportunities to explore their creative potentials through various co-curricular and extracurricular events organized by the college.

• There are also seminars and workshops organized by the college for the students wherein industry leaders and stalwarts interact with the students at the campus.

• The engagement of the students in the ‘on campus’ and ‘off campus’ activities groom them and contribute to their personality development.

With a compete industry oriented curriculum, iLEAD’s BBA, BBA in Entrepreneurship and BBA in Real Estate can be of great options for students especially those who want to make a career in the corporate sector.

Even if you aspire to become an entrepreneur and start your own start-up in a few years from now, iLEAD’s BBA in Entrepreneurship will provide you with the perfect guide to do so. Learn how to start a business successfully with minimum or no investment, the road maps towards success, successful business ideas through case studies and other legal frameworks for starting a business – All in one comprehensive course of BBA in Entrepreneurship.

Opportunities of BBA in Entrepreneurship

This sort of a complete package of BBA courses is hard to find and iLEAD is probably one among the few B schools in Kolkata to provide such a practice based industry oriented course.

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