What is the minimum course fees required for BCA course in Kolkata?

About the course

Kolkata is academically one of the most upbeat and prosperous cities in India. It values for job opportunities and career paths for students in all the different dimensions. Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) are some of the most sought after degrees among the youth. For decades, the value of the BCA course in Kolkata has only increased and garnered more popularity among the masses. It is one of those degrees which all students want to have to increase their job options. Having good knowledge of computer applications and their latest functioning is very handy for professionals in IT, computer companies and many other fields where digital prominence exists.

Even people who are pursuing arts take the initiative of learning this course so as that they can work in offices where computers are required heavily. And let’s be real, there is hardly any place in this world left anymore where computers are not required. Even in libraries, people need BCA graduated to handle all the accounts and data.

Affordable BCA course fees in Kolkata

BCA is not really a very expensive degree. But we shall suggest that when you invest in a course like this, choose an institute which would provide excellent placement once the training period is over. In addition to that, doing a graduation degree from one of the most reputed institutes would mean a great deal.

Not only would get a job as promised but you will learn under better circumstances and also have a bonus star on your resume. Whenever you go somewhere to find a job; knowing that you studied from George College would go a long way in building your career reputation for good.

In this institute, you can get a form for BCA for as less as 300 rupees. The admission fees are also very affordable when compared to other high-end institutes in Kolkata. The BCA course fees only take 8000 rupees as your admission fees. That is not a lot of amounts. You would find that this amount would be very less compared to the great labs, faculty, course material and training which you shall be receiving.

The semester fee is 30,000 rupees. This is a very affordable price range for anyone who wants to get a very good degree with higher standards. This investment would pay off in great amounts where you shall be able to get a great job among the top companies in the nation working as technicians and executives in the later front.

If you have been looking for a college with affordable fee structure and amazing education which guaranteed placement then we strongly suggest that you enrol in George College to fulfil your dreams.

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