Marvel Studios new series ‘Legends’ starting with Wanda and Vision streaming on Disney+Hotstar- 15 Jan 2021

Marvel Studios: Legends is a new series that will spotlight individual characters that fans have grown to know and love over the years and recreate some of their most popular moments. It is currently streaming exclusively on Disney+Hostar. Marvel Studios: Legends begins by highlighting Wanda Maximoff and Vision, the two WandaVision stars, and their intertwined journey through the MCU that brought them all here.

The first two Marvel Studios episodes: Legends, starring Wanda and Vision, premiered only on Disney+ on January 15, 2021. The buzz about the solid animation has been the talk of the town among MCU fans and students of VFX alike.

WandaVision: Marvel Mini Series

WandaVision honors and codifies what has come before, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand. In preparation for the highly awaited stories yet to come, revisit the epic heroes, villains and moments from around the MCU. Every dynamic segment feeds directly into the Disney+Hotstar premiere of the next season, setting the stage for future events. Marvel Studios: Legends weaves the many threads that make up the unparalleled MCU together.

A little about Wanda:

Wanda Maximoff made her debut as a formidable opponent of The Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron, only to become an even more valuable ally. With herself and in her exceptional partnerships, Wanda has found courage.

A little about Vision:

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision, born into the universe, decides to come to the defense of mankind, while he himself is an advanced form of life. On his search to understand humanity more thoroughly, Marvel Studios: Legends follows Vision, developing to become more like them, as he discovers a loving relationship in Captain America: Civil War with Wanda Maximoff.

All this leads to his last hours, when he makes the greatest sacrifice for humanity, leaving an unstable situation for those he loves.

Why it is a must watch?

This excellent series will delve further into the most convincing protagonists of MCU’s stories. Over the episodes, WandaVision will highlight individual characters fans have grown to know and appreciate and recreate some of their most famous experiences. It will start off by explaining how the intertwined journeys of Wanda and Vision brought them both here.

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