List of Top B schools in Kolkata

B Schools

BBA is a degree course that is looked down upon a lot these days for all the wrong reasons. It is not that the course is not important anymore or doesn’t contribute to the academics or personality development of a student. In fact, if the right course is chosen at the right college, then BBA can be proved out to be the best undergraduate degree course for you.

BBA doesn’t only introduce you to business management fundamentals but also is the best possible program to develop your communication skills. For the holistic development of the students, BBA is one of the best courses to choose from.

Some great B Schools in Kolkata provide a 360-degree development of the students through their BBA courses.

10 most notable B Schools in Kolkata are –

St. Xavier’s University
Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration
Heritage Business School
JIS University
Techno India University
IIBS, Kolkata
Globsyn Business School
IISWBM, Kolkata
IEM, Kolkata

These colleges provide personality development opportunities to students with a special focus on improving their communication skills. Different events are organized to boost the decision taking ability of the students and get them corporate ready for their future.

Internships, guest lectures, and corporate exposures are add ons for the aspirants. They get to learn and work under industry experts. By participating in the various events the students are able to gain more confidence as well.

Good B Schools in Kolkata provides students with ‘earn while you learn’ opportunities. Collaborations with international universities and institutions further allow students to learn and know more.

A BBA degree is fruitful only if these criteria are fulfilled. Only bookish knowledge and a regular curriculum will not help the students reach their dream unless they go through a personality development phase.

The cut off for admission is different in different B Schools in Kolkata. As much as the eligibility criteria differ as per colleges, the advantages that the students should be able to avail should be the same.

Hence, choose your college wisely and as per your requirements. Make sure you choose the right one that gives equal importance to academics, personal development and communication skills.

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