List of Graphic Design Courses and Colleges in Kolkata

Graphics designing is the art and talent which enables designers to make visual content. Designers make designs for brands and companies for advertisement, logos, banners, promotions and various other things. Graphic designing is everywhere. You simply cannot escape it.

Amidst so much demand, finding the best graphic design institute in Kolkata is not a big deal. There is ample amount of scope for students who want to build a good career in designing.

Here are some of the top colleges which provide excellent graphic design courses in Kolkata.


George Animatrix

graphic design institute in Kolkata
George Animatrix Graphics Designing institute

George Animatrix is one of the best multimedia colleges in Kolkata. The graphics design course offered here has great magnitude of potential. It is also backed by 100% placement assistance. You shall be able to find great career opportunities once you finish studying here. In addition to that, the course curriculum is latest.

Students are given all kinds of new technological amenities for their learning experience. The labs and classrooms re well equipped for a larger than life learning experience. It is hands down the best graphic design institute in Kolkata.

If you want to be a graphics designer who has good job options after their course, then no institute is better than George Animatrix for you. Another great thing which draws a lot of students here is the affordable fee structure.

Hi-Tech Animation

Hi-Tech Graphics Designing institute

Hi-Tech Animation also offers a great graphic design course in Kolkata which is largely popular. The course offered by this institute has been one of the most popular ones in this city. Hi-Tech has one of the best placements in Kolkata because it is the only institute with a studio of its own.

Hence, students get to learn from studio experts and professionals all while pursuing their course. This institute has understood the market potential of graphics designing and curated a course keeping that in mind quite well.

MAAC Institute


Macc Graphic Design Courses Provider

MAAC happens to be one of the oldest animation institutes in Kolkata. It is a great hub for learning graphics designing too. This institute has been able to produce some of the most amazingly talented graphics designers in our nation.

MAAC has also pioneered in a number of accolades over the long period of its existence.

There are a couple of other miscellaneous institutes as well which provide education in graphics designing in Kolkata. Let’s name a few more of them:

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