Job Opportunity After Completing A Hotel Management Course

A very integral part of the hospitality industry, hotel management has a very broad scope for employment opportunities. In this globalized world, more people are taking up travelling for business, leisure and exploration purposes. Hotels are the most prevalent and booming industry that there is. There are tons of opportunities available for plenty of students. By taking up hotel management in Kolkata one can very successfully build a prosperous career for themselves.

Choosing the best hotel management institute in Kolkata is probably the best decision you can make for your career. In this article, we will be telling you about some of the job portfolios which will be open for you after the completion of your hotel management course.

Hotel manager/ administrator

Hotel managers and administrators are the key personalities who make the hotel run smoothly. This personnel make sure that all the other departments are running smoothly. They are in charge of almost all the other sections in the hotels. Being a hotel manager requires good analytical skills, calm and composure. They need to keep their patience intact under all the circumstances. No matter what problem arises, they are always the ones to come up with the solution and manage all the other people under them.


Being a chef is also a very prominent option for students after completing their hotel management course. With the food and hotel industry booming at such an unprecedented rate, this profession is full of opportunities and new beginnings. There are new cafes and restaurants coming up every single day. Chefs are also paid a very handsome amount of money once they start working in reputed hotels and restaurants. You simply cannot go wrong with this portfolio of job. Being a chef you can start your own restaurant or diner at some point in your career as well. There is an ample amount of scope for that. This generation is a food enthusiast. Everyone just loves to feast on new cuisines and dishes and recipes. Therefore, being a chef is a smart decision in this industrial market. Then there are bars and pubs too where you can seek employment.

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

Airplanes need an efficient system off food, catering and other miscellaneous services. Talented managers are required in those places as well. It is more or less the same as hotel management but with some extra miscellaneous departments to look at. Airplane cabins need safety items and hygiene looked after with an additional level of management. There are tons of airline companies which hire new managers all the time. This is also a great suit for a career.

Catering manager

Catering manager does not imply that you have to only work in catering businesses. Although, that is a very good career opportunity. You can work in hotels, lodges; start your own company, floral boutiques, party planners and etc. Catering management is popular all across the world. There are no specifications to this portfolio of job.

Other than the ones mentioned above there are forest lodges, accommodation managers, hospital administration, guest houses and so many other places where one can seek employment. The globalized and increased consumer record in aviation and hotel industry has opened up so many doors of opportunities for aspiring managers. You can now become the master of this field with a good hotel management degree by your side.

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