Job Opportunities in Hotel Management


In order to run a hotel smoothly, there is a tireless team of individuals working day and night to make sure the guests are comfortable and do not have any complaints. There are many different job profiles in hotel management for you to choose from. let us have a look at some of the top jobs.



This is one of the top available jobs in hotel management. responsible for creating a menu, preparing meals, training staffs, ordering supplies, managing the budget, enforcing health and safety regulations, and preserving food quality. Rather tiresome job, the chef is usually first to arrive and last to leave. Not to mention always being on the watch for last minute changes or requests.


Restaurant and Food Service Manager

These individuals are responsible for keeping a tab on the utensils, cleaning supplies, linens, paper, and furniture and fixtures of the hotels. They have to make sure the hotel rooms are equipped with all the necessary products. And along with that, ensure that the housekeeping staffs are doing their job by replacing old and used products with new ones in the hotel rooms.


Event Manager

Many hotels organise and host events, from charities to private parties. This requires a team that takes care of decorations, catering, lighting, and much more. The team is managed by the event manager who takes care of the little details of making sure the event runs smoothly with no disruptions. They give instructions to the staffs to make sure they are always on time and make no mistakes. The most important responsibility of the event manager is to stick to the client’s budget and make the event successful.


Public Relations and Marketing

As tourism is increasing, there is a need for marketing and positive press. Public Relations manager’s responsibilities include publicising hotels, touristy locales, spas, and more. They promote these places so more and more people would want to visit. They take into account various factors that customers think of before booking the perfect hotel, spa, or trip.


Bridal Consultant

Similar to the event planner, this is a bit more specific. Weddings are a big deal in India, and everywhere else around the world. Therefore, the consultant has to make sure everything goes according to plan. From arranging the seats to fixing the venue, and other tiny details, it is up to the consultant to take care of all of this along with the team of professionals.


These are some of the top career options for hotel management graduates. In order to make it into the world of hospitality, you should first complete a hotel management course in Kolkata.  There are plenty of courses and colleges to choose from.  Since tourism is increasing in Kolkata, and in India in general, more colleges are offering hotel management in Kolkata. These institutes help you prepare for a professional career by teaching the necessary skills and techniques. On top of that, most of the top institutes offer placements and internships at reputed hotels.

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