5 Best Industries Where You Can Get Job After Your Hotel Management Course

Post the completion of your hotel management course in Kolkata, you shall definitely start working. There are a lot of opportunities and scope for students in this field. But you might be wondering about which all industries would hire you and give you the good jobs.

In this article, we would be telling you about the best industries where you can find a job after completing your course of hotel management in Kolkata.

Five Star Hotels in India

India has a large number of five star hotels where managers are hired at an unprecedented rate. With the increase of global tourism and high standard of living in urban people, five star hotels have become such an integral part of the economy. And the people who are in-charge and head of those institutions are hotel managers.

That is a very lucrative field and industry which you can choose after the completion of your degree in hotel management.

In addition to that, apart from five star hotels also there are a lot of other hotels too which you can select and work in.

Restaurants and Hotel Kitchens

Students who choose their specialty in being chefs can easily get jobs as head chefs and cooks in top restaurants, cafes, hotels and other places too. Chefs are the bloodline of hotels and restaurants. Without them, the institution might as well shut down. Chefs are very much in high demand as well these days. The value and importance of chefs have considerably increased over time.

Travel Tourism & Hotel Management

Tourism industry is one of the main reasons why a lot of students actually choose this course. Hotel management gives people the opportunity to explore the world by working in travel and tourism. You get the chance to visit various parts of the country and world for different purposes related to work if you work in this field.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in India in terms of high end per capita income and high amount of manpower recruitment. So, you shall have a great career working here.

Aviation industry

There are opportunities for managers in aviation as well. They do need managers to take care of the fooding facilities, lodging and the overall management of the cabins.

You can work as cabin crew or choose to be among the ground staff. Aviation is also one of those industries which not a lot of people now about. But if flying is your dream and passion then you can definitely take this path for your success.


Entrepreneurship is another very lucrative industry where you can get a career. This means that you have the capacity to start your own business in hotel, cafe restaurant or anything else after completing hotel management course. The degree teaches you enough to be able to run a business of your own.
If you are passionate about that then go ahead and select this field for that.

All the best!

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