Is it easy to get a good job in Kolkata for an aspiring animator? Learn here

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.”

– Norman McLaren

Animation, unlike other core academic subjects, has not been infected by orthodox thinking of guidelines. Animators learning in an animation institute in Kolkata have a blank canvas when it comes to seeking jobs. There is a tremendous amount of scope available. We live in an age of motion where no one is interested in looking at still imagery. Whether it comes to films, advertisements or your daily chores of social media; animation is everywhere.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why an aspiring animator must seek 3D animation job in Kolkata.

Cultural capital of the nation

Kolkata has always been declared as the heart of the cultural capital of India. No matter where you go, the appreciation for art and culture is maximum in Kolkata. No other city is capable of offering you the talent of this capacity. When it comes to animators, you have tons of production studios, cartoon channels, YouTube platforms, individual artists, newsrooms and etc to work for. There abundance of work available right at your fingertips. If you stay committed towards your work and talent then the sky is the limit in Kolkata.

Hub of animation

Rather than just looking at the cultural and sentimental aspect of it; this city has evolved greatly in terms of business requirements. The industries of animation are booming. Animators can call this place a haven if you are really willing to create strides for your career. As the hub for animators, there are studios, institutes and so many other places where you can successfully kick start your career at a glance.

It is about time that your aspiration takes the form of reality and reaches on platforms which will be seen by masses. The reach of animated content is beyond your imagination. If the quality and attraction capabilities are good then nothing or no one can stop you from reaching your destined goals.

Outsourced opportunities

India has become a center of attraction for foreign western studios who want to produce their content at cheap costs. The labor cost in this country is very low and does not cost much. However, the talent is of top quality. Therefore, the big production companies outsource their projects into our nation. In return, this creates a greater set of opportunities for you to find a job.

As an aspiring animator, you might often feel anxious about finding opportunities to work. We are reassuring you that there are plenty of options to choose from only if you work hard.

The rise of independent production studios

A developing city does not depend on the availability of work from outside this city. They are very well sufficed with their own creative capabilities. Obviously, you will find international studios giving animated work to thousands of individuals. That is undoubtedly some great stride. But one cannot deny that the independent studios are no less.

Kolkata is one of those cities which has excelled not only by making regional content but also taken a leap in creating a lot of national levels and some international projects too. The ROI generated in this industry is magnanimous.

To answer the question of the title, yes it is darn easy to secure an animator’s job for aspiring artists once they have completed their course. However, it is a skill based industry and all the success and achievements which you aim to secure are only possible if you are dedicated to working hard and innovating your skills from time to time.

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