Is an Animation Course Right to Pursue After 12th as a Main Career Option?

In today’s situation of growing unemployment, acquiring varied skills is a positive thing as it makes the students more talented, equipped and advanced. After completing one’s 12th board exam it is a significant decision to choose which course to pursue. Students are often confused as to whether continue studies further or opt for something unconventional like a vocational course in order to get into the job market. One of the best choices in today’s market is enter into the industry of animation and film making by doing a course in animation. This post discusses about the animation courses after 12th which a student can be a part of.

3D animation Course
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Animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. Earlier images were drawn and painted by hand to be photographed and exhibited on film. Computer animation can be either 2D animation or 3D animation although the latter is preferred now over the 2D animation used traditionally. There are various career opportunities available in the ever widening and diversifying field of animation. Those with an amateur or an expert-level interest in drawing, photography, and creativity can readily step into the world of animation.


As a student pursuing animation as a course, we would become familiar with concepts such as 2D hand drawing, 3D Computer generation, stop modeling, and model animation techniques. All these concepts are different methods to create animated sequences and movements. Although animators work in both 2D and 3D animation, the latest craze in the industry is for the latter as it is more flexible, dynamic, and lively. The several branches and topics which Animation and Multimedia deal with are Web Media, Marketing Media, and 3D Media among others.

animation courses after 12th
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People who would like to work in the animation industry will have the task of creating visual animated images for televisions, video games, films, cartoons, and electronic media. The world of animation is teeming with possibilities and the jobs generally pay a handsome salary. The characteristics looked for in the interested students are powerful observation, attention to detail, drawing, sketching, software skills. Other than these, animation is an art form in which creativity and ability to work in a team are essential to possess. There are various institutions offering UG, PG and Certificate courses in animation.


A 12th pass candidate from any of the recognized boards having a background in any one of the three streams is considered eligible to enroll in these courses. Unlike in old times, the demand for animators is burgeoning and the prospect of career in this field is high. A competent animator can proceed to become any or multiple of the job titles available such as a Director, Script Writer, Illustrator, Digital Painter, Modeler, Editor, Production Designer, Storyboard Artist, Layout Artist, Animator, and Compositor. An animator has a sea of options to choose from as they will be employable in as diverse industries as Animation Studios, Film Production Houses, Advertising Agencies, Game developing Firms, Media Agencies, Post-production Houses, Web Entities.


Animation is an art form requiring highly skilled people with creative bent as it blends visual imagery with meaningful content. Animation is a quite powerful medium as it is both entertaining and nestles a symbolic message underneath. Being one of the most persuasive forms of art, animation is a more flexible medium than live action as the animator has the absolute freedom to bring her imagination to life. Starblast Animation is a popular institute offering courses on visual effects, animation, and graphic designing. Specifically, the short term 3D courses offered by this premier institute needs to be checked out by the students.

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