Is 3D Animation Hard to Learn?


All of us had been fascinated by watching cartoons and animated movies as a child and a teenager and perhaps wondered how such fascinating characters got created. If you are interested to get into the industry of animation, you need to have a very clear idea of where you want to get into. Maybe you want to get associated with the likes of leading animation studios such as Pixar or DreamWorks in that case you want to get into the industry of animation in filmmaking. You can also want to be associated with the VFX created for the superhero films that use animation to enhance the imagery. Not just the various branches of filmmaking, as a successful animator you can also work in the games industry as well as that of Television. As the demand for animation has increased and more and more industries are warming up to it in order to get engaging content, this is one of the industries that will prove beneficial for you. Nevertheless, you need to get enrolled in the correct institution in order to launch a successful career after the course terminates. Starblast Institute of Animation provides the best 3D animation courses in Kolkata which would not only equip you with the requisite skills but also the relevant tools and software for you to successfully launch the career of your passion. This blog enumerates the various steps needed for you to pursue a career in your chosen field.

Know Where to Start

Regardless of the fact whether you want to work in the filmmaking industry or games, you need to be familiar with the rudimentary concepts first. Apart from being part of a definitive animation course at a reputed animation institute, you have to read up any sort of books you can trace or come across. Although most of the books are written on 2D animation yet they are applicable for 3D animation as well. Each of these books teaches the core basics of animation drawn from the pioneers of this field who have developed and polished it into an amazing art form. Go through these books repeatedly and most importantly learn the 12 principles of animation, which are the mainstay techniques for creating impressive animations.

Know Where to Learn

If by now you are somewhat prepared to step into the heart of animation, begin your studies by watching a few video tutorials available online. These would prove beneficial as they would propel you in the right direction. You can begin with the fundamentals of understanding the requisite software and move your way up to advanced animation courses. Another advantageous way to improve your skills is by finding a community to share your work with and finding fellow animators like yourself so that you can interact and share your creations with them. The best way to learn is by getting detailed feedback on the work that you have created as an aspiring animator. You might find it difficult to get productive criticism at the beginning but once you get habituated to the situation you will notice how beneficial it is in pushing your skills further.

Final Words

The best place for you to learn animation courses after 12th is Starblast Animation Institute, which provides both short-term and long-term courses which the candidate can choose as per their preference. In the contemporary world, the animation is in high demand and requires professional skills and knowledge to be practised. If you are interested to get into the industry of animation and filmmaking, consider joining the right animation course after 12th. Starblast Animation offers a comprehensive set of 3D animation courses in Kolkata which will assist you to establish a successful career. At this institute, you will have the opportunity to train under some of the leading expert professionals in Kolkata. The in-depth and job-oriented courses at Starblast will lead the way and help you secure future job opportunities. All in all, it is not hard to learn 3D animation courses if you have the will and determination to be successful.

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