Is 3D animation a good career?

Animation is indeed one of the most fascinating areas that anyone can choose for themselves. Having chosen an animation course in Kolkata will really improve your career choices.

One might wonder if 3D animation is good for your career. If you’re curious why it’s the right job you can take, let us help you understand that it’s the best career opportunity out there.

Prospects of 3D Animation

The opportunities for a 3D animation course stretch to a humongous extent. The spectrum is also extended to a wide range of work vacancies. You’d see that there’s an annual surge of at least 45% every one year.

In reality, the three-fold increase in animation employment is spreading through different industries. Animators are among the most recruited media and film experts. We still need to stress the importance of animation in a variety of fields.

Such locations where the animators are hired are:

  • Film Making
  • Post Production
  • Advertisement
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Learning
  • Knowledge Posts
  • Marketing and so on


Enrolling in the Animation Institute in Kolkata will help you develop your skills well and develop your career to the fullest of abilities.

There is a 25% demand and supply gap for artist animators in this country. The multimedia industry expects more than 10 million new artists per year. New industrialists and companies are continually investing in development studios to stimulate the growth of media content.

The Indian animation industry has escalated to a magnanimous level and has had a strong effect on itself over the years. That’s why animation courses in India are really on the roll to develop themselves as one of the most competent courses.

Being such a diverse area, the reach of animation courses has grown and taken a great leap into the field of work. There are countless career opportunities in the animation industry.

Over the last few years, employment in production studios alone has grown fivefold. This degree of increase is exceptional. The success of the animation industry has exceeded that of IT and even the more conventional industries.

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